Lusiaves Group uses Boomi to power IT modernization and accelerate business growth, improve customer service and streamline operations across a complex organization of 31 businesses.

Geschäftliche Ziele

Lusiaves Group, a top poultry producer based in Portugal, embarked on an IT modernization initiative designed to increase business agility and innovation across its complex business.

Among its goals were improved customer service, new visibility into operations and customers, and improved business efficiency by automating processes such as accounting, invoicing and logistics.

Lusiaves aims to improve operations across its 31 businesses running 145 applications. The company is replacing many legacy systems with best-of-breed cloud apps, including the rollout of a single SAP S/4HANA platform to replace about 30 enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications deployed for each business.

Herausforderungen bei der Integration

Lusiaves needed fast, agile integration and API management to connect legacy and cloud systems and accelerate the speed of its business. Point-to-point custom coding was not a viable option as it would be too slow, costly and require ongoing maintenance and troubleshooting.

Lusiaves selected Boomi Integration and API Management for ease of use, cloud-native architecture, and flexibility to connect everything from legacy ERPs to Internet of Things (IoT) equipment in multiple facilities for poultry reproduction, processing, feed production and distribution.

Wie Boomi geholfen hat

With minimal training, Lusiaves had its first Boomi integration up and running in weeks, bringing unprecedented speed to the business.

As usage expands, Lusiaves is rolling out Boomi across 115 integration scenarios as the SAP S/4HANA deployment proceeds. Some highlights include:

  • Automating processing of 100,000 invoices a year across disparate systems
  • With 100 APIs exposed, Boomi is brokering 16,000 API calls a day
  • Automating mobile communication of route information to 700 delivery drivers
  • Eliminating 2,000 manual text messages a day, saving hours of manual work


Lusiaves is running a faster, smarter business less dependent on manual work and more focused on excellence in operations, customer service and technology-driven innovation.

The 33-year-old company with 1,500 employees can quickly connect applications, data, people and devices to run more efficiently and intelligently.

As a result, Boomi is playing a big role in Lusiaves’ strategic growth objectives.

“We have ambitious overseas growth plans and see Boomi as a key enabler of that,” says CIO Paulo Gaspar. “With our data working for us through Boomi, our people can set their sights on new innovation and growth opportunities.”