Australian health insurer uses the Boomi Enterprise Platform to better serve its 33,000+ member community


Peoplecare is a member-owned, not-for-profit (NFP) organization that provides private health insurance services to Australians. Throughout its history, Peoplecare’s method of communication centered on members calling into its contact center. However, the organization recognized that its members are now more tech-savvy and increasingly expect omnichannel experiences across platforms and devices.

To meet these demands, Peoplecare commenced a restructure, kickstarting a modernization initiative to simplify its complex IT architecture and better meet the needs of its more than 33,000 members.

Le sfide tecnologiche

Peoplecare has historically faced difficulty enacting digital changes, with its primary system HAMBS share-owned by 20 other health funds. This has often made it difficult to set direction and understand members in real time, because data retrieval was always 24 hours behind.

The company also had IT constraints. Therefore, Peoplecare’s Enterprise Solution Lead Joanne Williams wanted an intuitive solution that could support citizen integrators within the organization, and a proven, strong partner to assist with establishing the framework for requirements as well as implementation.

Il ruolo di Boomi

To centralize its data and create an IT environment capable of providing personalized experiences, including ensuring members get the best value with the right policy, Peoplecare selected the Boomi Enterprise Platform to integrate business-critical systems and myriad legacy and cloud applications across the business.

Boomi introduced Peoplecare to IT service provider Atturra, which deployed a solutions architect to work in-house with the Peoplecare team for the initial rollout. The Boomi Enterprise Platform’s drag-and-drop interface and pre-built connectors made it easy to connect Peoplecare’s core systems without heavy lifting from IT.


Using the Boomi Enterprise Platform to link its systems and data, Peoplecare representatives can now access member data through a single interface, via mobile or web. The team can instantly see when someone is going to the hospital or why a claim may have failed, and recommend a solution.

Peoplecare is using this detailed member data to deepen its personalized health management service capability – a concierge-type resource that gets health information and advice to its members, how and when they want it.