Lakeside Process Controls

A distributor and service provider for Emerson Automation Solutions is saving money, improving efficiency and visibility, and delivering customer-facing innovations with its move to the Boomi Enterprise Platform


As a distributor for Emerson Automation Solutions, Lakeside Process Controls helps manufacturers run smoothly by measuring, controlling, and optimizing operations.

Lakeside needed smooth automation in its own business and IT systems. Inflexible custom coded integrations were a barrier to digitally transforming into a more efficient, transparent, and customer-centric company.

One of 21 Emerson Impact Partners, Lakeside worked with its fellow distributors to find an integration platform that would be fast, flexible, and interoperable with IFS ERP applications used by the partners.

Le sfide tecnologiche

Custom-coded integrations were difficult to build, test, deploy, and maintain at Lakeside, often requiring an external consulting firm at high cost. Along with other Emerson Impact Partners, Lakeside evaluated MuleSoft and Informatica before selecting Boomi as its new standard for integration.

Boomi’s low-code ease of use would allow Lakeside and partners to build integrations in-house, eliminating reliance on costly third parties. Plus, Lakeside could streamline integrations with Boomi’s pre-built connector to IFS applications, a feature not offered by other vendors.

Il ruolo di Boomi

Using Boomi, Lakeside connects IFS with Emerson systems to streamline order processing, status reporting, and product information access. That’s eliminated manual data entry so that nearly 30 Lakeside staff can focus on higher-value initiatives.

Boomi also feeds order status data to a customer portal to enhance B2B buyer visibility, while internal staff can track orders and identify issues with real-time dashboards. With Boomi Flow, Lakeside created a time and expense mobile app for field service technicians that encourages timely T&E entry.


Lakeside is achieving business objectives for efficiency, visibility, and customer-centricity with the Boomi Enterprise Platform at the center of its digital transformation initiatives. Bringing integration in-house, three Boomi developers built and manage about 15 integrations, with more in the pipeline. With Boomi, Lakeside can:

  • Develop integrations 5X to 6X faster than custom coding
  • Eliminate costs and delay of hiring third-party consultants
  • Minimize manual data entry by operational staff
  • Enhance customer experiences with new visibility and engagement
  • Improve collaboration with partner companies