HealthBridge Financial

A healthcare/fintech innovator uses Boomi Flow to build self-service engagement portals that deliver efficiency and partner satisfaction while scaling its business on Boomi and Amazon Web Services (AWS)


Orchestrating data, processes, and stakeholders is fundamental at HealthBridge Financial, a startup that helps employees cover out-of-pocket medical costs like deductibles and co-insurance. It’s an innovative business model that benefits all parties — healthcare providers, insurers, employers, and patients.

Founded in 2017, HealthBridge is building out scalable cloud-based IT systems to power its business, including self-service portals accessible to partners. Boomi Integration and Boomi Flow play pivotal roles as HealthBridge strives to grow its membership 20X throughout 2021.

Le sfide tecnologiche

With the right integration platform, HealthBridge could realize its top objective of rapid time to business value. HealthBridge needed abilities for fast integration, scalability to demand, and real-time data, HIPAA compliance, and to better leverage its AWS platform.

HealthBridge CTO Tim Heger saw clear advantages in how Boomi’s low-code flexibility could deliver integrations in days or weeks, versus months of custom development. That’s proven true over several years: “Our time to business value with Boomi has been off the charts,” Heger says.

Il ruolo di Boomi

HealthBridge can deliver integrations at least 10X faster with Boomi, Heger estimates: “We’re easily saving thousands of hours in development work with Boomi. Because of Boomi, our IT team is the ‘Department of Yes’ when it comes to fulfilling business requests.”

Boomi connects 20+ endpoints, many involving AWS services including Amazon S3, Amazon SQS, Amazon RDS, and a MySQL database on AWS. Alignment between AWS and Boomi, an AWS Advanced Technology Partner, is helping HealthBridge scale workloads in a HIPAA-compliant architecture.


Building on its integration successes, HealthBridge turned to Boomi Flow workflow automation services as the foundation for four portals accessible to healthcare providers, employers, medical admittance personnel, and insurance agents.

With Flow-powered portals, HealthBridge aims to reduce non-member call center volume by 50 percent or more, potentially saving hundreds of thousands of dollars. HealthBridge is accelerating its portal initiatives by a full year with Boomi Flow, while improving partner satisfaction with on-demand data, trend reporting, employer bill pay, and FAQs.