Dell Technologies

The Boomi integration platform speeds merger of Dell and EMC sales organization to deliver a holistic view, creating visibility, collaboration, revenue forecasting and supply chain management across the combined companies.


Dell and EMC needed to align their sales teams to become a single company after Dell’s acquisition of EMC. Having the ability to accurately forecast pipeline and revenue, enable cross-selling, plus manage supply chain requirements across all 40,000 sales reps was critical — and it was a C-level executive priority to have everything in place on Day One of the conclusion of the merger.

Le sfide tecnologiche

Prior to the acquisition, Dell and EMC each independently used Salesforce Sales Cloud to manage their sales activities. To provide the visibility and collaboration necessary for sales success as the new Dell Technologies organization, it was necessary to obtain a holistic view across all sales, regardless of which company housed the data.

Sales reps needed access to all essential Salesforce data, with a single view of open opportunities and revenue forecasting to effectively coordinate cross-sales and identify competing “hot spot” products.

Il ruolo di Boomi

Using Boomi, Dell’s IT team was able to complete development and testing in only a few weeks, collaborating with EMC IT professionals and end-users at both companies to reconcile disparate business rules and processes.

Boomi was able to quickly integrate the Dell and EMC Salesforce instances, delivering a consolidated view of more than 50,000 open opportunities. Armed with these insights, the new combined sales force was ready to sell on Day One for the new Dell Technologies organization.


Boomi’s unified integration platform delivered visibility and collaboration for Dell Technologies. Boomi helped Dell IT deliver:

  • Immediate business impact on Day One, thanks to the accelerated development and testing cycles enabled by low-code integration
  • A unified global sales force with a consolidated view of open opportunities to drive cross-sell revenue
  • Pipeline transparency for accurate, timely revenue forecasting and supply chain planning