Al Khayyat Investments

AKI automates order fulfillment with Boomi, improving accuracy and automating end-to-end process to 95%.


AKI partners with leading global corporations, in industries including healthcare, consumer goods, contracting, retail, fitness, and automotive.

The company operates through eight autonomous business units across 9 countries, each led by specialists in their fields. These business units share infrastructure — warehousing, distribution and logistics, human resources, administration, finance, and IT.

AKI’s operational methods must match the international standards of its industry-leading partners. The company wanted to reduce the time spent on manual input of B2B and B2C orders and increase efficiency by introducing straight-through processing.

Le sfide tecnologiche

AKI needs to meet stringent service level agreements (SLAs) and ensure the right goods reach the right destination at the right time — with a lean IT team of just 40 people.

The AKI warehouse receives more than 25 million instructions each month, many of which required manual input of orders. AKI wanted all orders to flow from its Oracle ERP to its Manhattan WMS and other key business systems, and also wanted to connect with its customers’ platforms.

Il ruolo di Boomi

The Boomi Enterprise Platform makes warehouse picking fast and efficient, reducing the need for manual input and eliminating batch processing while also providing real-time order information. Status updates from Boomi are passed between the systems, so all records are accurate and up to date. This facilitates an electronic proof of delivery (EPOD) application, which AKI can consequently use to inform its business and customers.


The Boomi Enterprise Platform has greatly enhanced the accuracy of AKI’s information. AKI can see statistics and perform analytics on various functions, ensuring all internal and external warehouse-related processes are optimized. As a result of Boomi implementation, 95 percent of AKI’s orders no longer require any manual intervention, driving substantial operating cost reductions.

Boomi also helps AKI maintain business continuity, as the platform operates even if source or target systems are offline.