Quanta Services Inc.

Quanta relies on Boomi to help properly integrate operating companies much faster than before — and with minimal IT support, so that true business and service synergies can be delivered.

Objectifs d’entreprise

Houston-based Quanta Services, Inc. has been continuously growing for more than 20 years, acquiring as many as five companies a quarter. Its current portfolio consists of 180 operating companies gained via mergers and acquisitions, which is a strategic facilitator of its business model.

To fuel its growth more efficiently, Quanta corporate needed a way to quickly integrate key systems like banking, IT operations, and treasury in a way that would allow newly acquired companies to operate securely and independently.

Défis technologiques

Within Quanta’s business portfolio was data from hundreds of sources, operating with multiple programming languages. Quanta corporate tried several integration tools to connect key data-center systems with those at its operating companies’ locations. But it could not push information from the operating companies to its centralized, shared cloud application platforms.

Also, Quanta had many non-technical users who needed to build integrations quickly, but were dependent on IT resources. This slowed Quanta’s ability to onboard new companies.

Comment Boomi est venu en aide

Quanta evaluated systems from Informatica, Microsoft, Oracle and MuleSoft, but Boomi was the clear winner. The Boomi Enterprise Platform could connect Quanta’s employee data systems with external SaaS platforms, and integrate both with systems operated by Quanta’s acquired companies.

Boomi’s single-instance multi-tenant cloud application architecture has transformed Quanta’s M&A strategy, allowing it to provide each operating company with its own secure tenant. This empowers a company to share software applications with other Quanta companies while still being able to operate securely and independently.

Résultats pour l’entreprise

With Boomi Quanta achieved:

  • 75% faster integration of banking systems between new companies and Quanta corporate. That’s important for Quanta, which in just the last quarter acquired five multimillion-dollar companies.
  • 100+ systems integrated by citizen developers including CFOs and controllers. Nontechnical users can configure integrations efficiently and execute them immediately, all without IT’s help.
  • Fewer than 30 days to facilitate funds transfer between an acquisition and Quanta corporate. What used to take six months now gets done in just one.