McCarthy Holdings, Inc.

Scalability, more efficient business processes, streamlined operations, and trusted data access were top of mind for this leading national construction company.

Objectifs d’entreprise

McCarthy Holdings, Inc. wanted to create and manage its information flows with popular best-of-breed applications, many of which required feeds into and out of its Oracle EBS ERP platform. Plus, the company had industry-specific, cloud-based platforms, such as Procore, that were vital.

McCarthy’s goal was to create an information infrastructure that could support a modern, low-friction digital experience for its users, while supporting all the stakeholders in the design and construction lifecycle, including those physically working on a job site using mobile connectivity.

Défis technologiques

McCarthy’s in-house construction management system and point-to-point integrations with supporting applications couldn’t support its goals to:

  • Integrate best-of-breed applications with Oracle EBS and construction management application Procore
  • Leverage mobile capabilities of tools like Procore whether on the job site or in the office, while still being connected to applicable data sets
  • Eliminate reliance on individual application experts to modify and fine-tune hard-coded integrations
  • Allow the company to scale digital tools to accommodate growth
  • Allow free data flows while keeping master data synced with Oracle EBS

Comment Boomi est venu en aide

McCarthy uses the Boomi Enterprise Platform across every aspect of its business. The platform has:

  • Improved the user experience
  • Helped the company gain greater value from its investment in Procore
  • Reduced or eliminated double and triple data entry
  • Allowed discrete tools to be integrated through a unified interface
  • Automated workloads between systems
  • Increased the efficiency of daily operations
  • Made it possible to create new integrations in days or weeks rather than months
  • Simplified maintenance of the entire integrated ecosystem
  • Helped McCarthy deliver a better overall experience for clients and external partners

Résultats pour l’entreprise

The Boomi Enterprise Platform makes all McCarthy’s business processes run smoother and more efficiently. It also supports a data strategy that values and prioritizes consistency between data sets.

Srinivasan Murali, McCarthy’s director of enterprise solutions and analytics, summarized the top three benefits gained from the Boomi Enterprise Platform as:

  • Greater agility
  • Increased scalability
  • Automated workflows between multiple tools and systems

Ryan Moret, manager of project delivery for McCarthy, added, “Boomi lets us consider additional applications to introduce more functionality to the environment.”