Erik Mitchell
10 Aug 2018

Boomi Veteran Internship Program: Building New Careers in Technology

Despite a strong work ethic and dedication to accomplishing a mission, many military veterans find it difficult to land a fulfilling job once they complete their careers with the U.S. armed forces.

Corporate business life requires time to experience and learn. Also, it’s not always easy for employers to see how skills acquired in the military can translate to the private sector.

But they can. And they do. This happens every day in Dell Boomi’s Veteran Internship Program.

Boomi provides internships for U.S. military veterans interested in careers in technology, software development and business management. They gain practical work experience and develop valuable industry connections.  Corporate mid-career internships of any kind provide transitioning veterans invaluable industry exposure.

In the Boomi Veteran Internship Program, former military members bring their experience and knowledge to starting new chapters in their lives.

Military veterans offer a full set of impressive skills, developed through their uniquely challenging jobs. They offer hard-earned discipline combined with experience in a range of leadership, management and decision-making roles.

That’s why Boomi is actively recruiting the next generation of innovators from the ranks of retired U.S. military personnel.

One thing Boomi Veterans share is a hunger for new experiences and knowledge. They’re up for any challenge. And in the fast-evolving worlds of technology and business, there’s plenty to keep them busy and engaged.

At Boomi, veterans work at the industry’s leading integration cloud company. They gain a first-hand view of a high-growth company at the forefront of a dynamic, rapidly expanding technology market.

The veterans learn all aspects of the Boomi low-code integration platform, including API management, data quality management and Boomi Flow for workflow automation. While earning professional certifications, they master a new, highly marketable skill set.

Integration is a pivotal business issue in this era of cloud computing, and knowledge of rapid, agile integration technologies and practices will be invaluable as Boomi veterans build their new careers in technology.

Please visit the Dell Military pages to learn more about how Dell supports new careers for military veterans.