Boomi is a Champion in Master Data Management

4 minute read | 28 Oct 2022

By Kim Kaluba

Boomi has been recognized as a Champion in Master Data Management by Software Reviews, powered by InfoTech. User reviews speak to Boomi’s strengths in this critical data category, and InfoTech has compiled data based on these reviews to produce an independent product report.

Where Boomi Shines

According to user responses, Boomi shines in many areas. With an overall user satisfaction score of 8.5, Boomi places in Software Reviews’ leadership category for master data management.

Ninety-three percent of users report that they plan to renew, and 88 percent state they are satisfied with the cost of their investment compared to the value they receive, placing Boomi fourth and third in these classifications, respectively.

Additional highlights from the study include:

  • 56% of clients are delighted with the quality of features of Boomi’s Master Data Hub, ranking Boomi in second place
  • 100% are either delighted or happy with the product strategy and rate of improvement in the solution, ranking Boomi in second place
  • Boomi ranked second place in the breadth of features and the ability to perform a wide variety of tasks
  • Boomi’s workflow management, data modeling tools, and record management are top-ranking product features noted by the user community
  • 100% of users are happy with Boomi’s ability to support aggregational hierarchies management, ranking Boomi fourth

The Emotional Footprint

Any software purchase decision tied to resolution of critical business hurdles is based on more than technology. There is an emotional component as well. That’s what customer experience is all about — the service and support components are almost as important as the product. Boomi scored high in this category as well, with top scores in the following categories:

  • Service Experiences: Interactions with Boomi Professional Services and Client Services saves time, and we treat our customers with respect.
  • Product Experience: Boomi received top rankings in all classifications —security protection, reliability, and performance enhancement.
  • Boomi’s Sales, Client Service, Leadership, and Technical/Product Specialist teams are also considered knowledgeable and caring.

Having top scores in these emotional areas illustrates Boomi’s commitment to our customers’ success, deep knowledge of our own product, and that we have created a reliable solution that provides value as we treat our clients with care and respect.

A Bit About Boomi’s Master Data Hub

The Boomi Master Data Hub service is designed to reside where any data domain’s ‘golden record’ is housed. It is a centralized location for the trusted and reliable data needed to support downstream business initiatives and drive data decision-making across the enterprise.

Master Data Hub is data domain agnostic; thus, you can use the same solution for customer, product, vendor, and location data, providing our customers with a flexible and expandable master data solution. Our cloud-based offering is a cost-effective, easy to deploy solution that meets the modern business requirements of today.

Read the full InfoTech report for more information on Boomi’s rankings, and visit our website to learn find out more about Boomi Master Data Hub.