Smartwyre’s cloud-based B2B platform allows agribusiness retailers and manufacturers to improve pricing, cost, and rebate management, driving increased profitability.


Smartwyre is a two-year-old start up serving one industry: agribusiness. The company sells a B2B software as a service (SaaS) platform for the retailers, distributors, and manufacturers that supply farmers with the seeds and chemicals they need to grow their crops. By minimizing the complexity inherent in a market with thousands of retailers, hundreds of manufacturers, and more than 20,000 rebate-eligible products, the company helps its customers:

  • Eliminate pricing mistakes
  • Better understand their costs and margins
  • Create segmented price tiers

Le sfide tecnologiche

Before Smartwyre entered the picture, rebates were presented as paper documents. A large distributor could be eligible for 600 to 1000 rebates annually. And all the fine print differed depending on the offering manufacturer.

To simplify this, Smartwyre needed to:

  • Map the complexity of rebates and present it in a standard, easy-to-understand electronic format
  • Create a rules-based pricing engine to calculate what customers owed based on their earnings and rebate liabilities
  • Integrate the Smartwyre platform with the customers accounting system

Il ruolo di Boomi

Boomi was an ideal solution for Smartwyre customers with limited IT resources. And, some of Smartwyre’s larger customers were using the Boomi Enterprise Platform to connect their IT systems. That gave the company confidence in choosing Boomi as its integration provider.

With Boomi, Smartwyre could:

  • Automate the extraction of flat file data from old accounting systems
  • Turn flat file reports into a web services JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) document
  • Publish JSON documents to Smartwyre’s API with robust testing and error checking


For the portion of Smartwyre’s market where its services team must help customers get their data out of legacy accounting systems, Boomi proved invaluable.

Boomi made it possible for Smartwyre to:

  • Lower the cost of services offered to potential customers, relative to competitors
  • Eliminate the time and expense of engineering platform configurations and apply it to improving services for customers
  • Slash the time and cost to onboard a new customer
  • Avoid investing time and resources on building integration capabilities in-house