Discover, Understand and Integrate Your Data for Better Outcomes

As you travel the road to digital transformation, your organization is generating and inheriting massive amounts of data. Some data you know and recognize – other data, not so much.

In this session learn how to bridge the gaps across your known, dormant and unknown data to deliver the best business outcomes – faster.

During the session, we will discuss:

  • Getting your data ready for business
  • Why modern iPaaS needs data discovery and prep
  • Extended support for data governance


Webinar Details:

Duration: 45 minutes (including Q&A)



Thameem Khan
General Manager, Data Catalog and Data Preparation

Thameem is responsible for leading the growth of Data Catalog and Preparation business, delivering on short-term and long-term financial goals. Thameem Khan has been with Boomi since 2010. Thameem has worked as a consultant in PSO, Sales Engineer, Enterprise Architect, and Principal Technologist. Thameem lead the vision that ultimately resulted in the acquisition of Unifi.

Thameem is passionate about technology, urdu poetry, BBQ, and container gardening. He has two young children who also keep him very busy!


Sean Keenan
VP Product, Data Catalog and Data Preparation

Bio: Sean has deep experience in delivering large scale Advanced Analytic solutions to clients across a number of verticals. He is a career Big Data Practitioner that has been involved in 100’s of Big Data Implementations across the F1000. Sean has played pivotal roles at early start-ups Greenplum, Alpine, and Platfora. He is a co-founder of unifi.


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