Easily Create and Share Multi-Product Solutions With Boomi Bundles

3 minute read | 15 Nov 2023

By Micky Somiari

Back in August, Boomi launched Boomi Spaces, a service offering under the Boomi Labs umbrella that took another step in simplifying IT complexity. To recap, Spaces empowers developers to curate already built, production-ready integrations and deploy them to a self-service portal — where non-technical users can interact with a simplified UI for light configuration and deployment without the need for IT.

This blog will introduce you to the newest member of Boomi Labs, Bundles — a bridge to our vision for a more cohesive user experience by improving the cross-functional nature of the Boomi platform.

One of the main goals of Boomi Labs is to improve this cross-functionality for both our technology and the way our users work.

A Streamlined Way to Create and Share Multi-Product Templates

Bundles are easily shareable multi-product templates that can be created by adding one or more Boomi assets into a package. You can also include custom assets such as a connector file or documentation on how to use the Bundle.

The template can then be installed into your account at any time or shared with others. The Bundles framework empowers the Boomi community by opening up the gates of how assets are shared at Boomi today and provides an easier path for partners to publish solutions to Discover. Currently, Bundles supports the ability to include Integration and Flow with additional platform services to be added in future releases.

Prior to Bundles, sharing across Boomi accounts was a time-consuming process. Bundles promotes reuse and knowledge transfer by providing the ability to quickly share solutions across accounts or publicly via URL. You can create, install, share, edit, and view Bundles through an easy-to-use interface to save time and work more efficiently. In its simplest terms, Bundles is the evolution of sharing across Boomi.

Beyond Integration, To a Cohesive Digital Platform

Before Boomi, integration was always a technologically advanced and complicated process. Boomi’s original mission was to simplify this. However, as technology advanced and use cases increased, complexity crept back in. But Boomi’s mission hasn’t changed. We’re still on a mission to help you leave complexity behind.

To succeed, we need to create a platform even more cohesive, unified, and intuitive than what we offer today. The ability to package more than one Boomi service is a step towards our vision of that platform. In our vision, the world no longer views integration as just being about “connecting system A to B.” Instead, it’s about creating a comprehensive digital ecosystem that encompasses data management, API governance, and workflow automation — all under the same roof.

To learn more about Bundles, visit our Boomi Labs page.