Lavazza Group

Lavazza chooses Boomi’s iPaaS to support business continuity, creating Lavazza Professional’s new optimized, fully integrated, and future-proof application architecture.

Business Goals

Established in 1895 in Turin, Italy, Lavazza Group currently operates in more than 140 countries through subsidiaries and distributors, with 70 percent of revenues coming from markets outside of Italy. In December 2018 the Group acquired Mars Drinks division, creating the Lavazza Professional business unit.

In March 2019, Lavazza finalized the acquisition and set itself an ambitious goal: managing the complete transfer of all applications from the old IT infrastructure to the new Lavazza Professional infrastructure by the beginning of October that same year.

Integration Challenges

Lavazza’s architecture was composed of extremely heterogeneous and layered systems, with numerous applications, dozens of flows not fully documented, and a lack of visibility into the underlying processes.

Previously, the Group had handled its integration needs via a legacy on-premises solution centrally developed and used by the entire group. This solution had been customized in a number of ways over the years, which made it difficult to clone for the new application scenario.

How Boomi Helped

The low-code, cloud-native Boomi AtomSphere Platform was the modern solution Lavazza needed to help it simplify integration and speed time to delivery.

“One of the main benefits we immediately noticed with Boomi is its remarkable flexibility and speed of execution,” said Sergio Cettolin, IT R&D demand manager and enterprise applications architect at Lavazza Group. “We realized that its adoption would definitely be the best choice, in terms of reducing implementation times, optimizing and creating flows, and getting an easy-to-use solution.”


The Boomi AtomSphere Platform allowed Lavazza Group to modernize its technological infrastructure by simplifying the integration process, transforming experiences, processes, and practices. The rapid implementation and related reduced time to market also further strengthened and accelerated Lavazza’s ability to innovate.

In just five months, with the Boomi AtomSphere Platform, Lavazza was able to integrate 15 different systems in six countries and activate 59 flows, from development to final quality testing and production.

quote We needed a platform that would help us to be fast and simplify integration. One of the main benefits we immediately noticed with Boomi is its remarkable flexibility and speed of execution. quote
— Sergio Cettolin, IT R&D Demand Manager and Enterprise Applications Architect, Lavazza Group