Get Inspired to Learn at Boomi World 2024

6 minute read | 02 Apr 2024

By Danalynne Menegus

April is here — and that means we’re only (a little over) a month out from Boomi World 2024, May 6-9, in Denver, Colorado. The main conference days are May 8 and 9, preceded by two days of optional pre-conference training and the Boomi Partner Summit.

If you’ve been waiting for us to unveil the lineup of breakout sessions, the wait is over! We’ve got some outstanding content on the agenda. Whether you’re a CIO or an engineer, a customer, prospect, or partner, you’ll be sure to find sessions you’ll want to attend.

Whatever Your Role or Interest, There’s A Breakout for You

We’ll be offering more than 40 unique 45-minute-long sessions over the course of the two days, covering a wide range of topics designed to appeal to all members of the Boomi community. Breakouts will run on May 8 from 1:30pm – 5:30pm, after the morning general sessions, and May 9 from 8:30am – 12:30pm, prior to a full afternoon of keynote presentations and our closing evening event.

AI and automation, composable enterprise, and democratized innovation are themes that run throughout the conference. From event-driven architecture (EDA) and SAP migration to Master Data Hub, AI, message queuing, and process automation, the Boomi World breakouts cover a lot of technology territory. Some of the next-level topics you’ll find at Boomi World include:

API Management

One of the value propositions of the Boomi platform is that we help you integrate your way, whether that’s through “traditional” integration, EDI, APIs, or any combination. If APIM is up your alley, you may be interested to hear from Terex, who is using Boomi to pursue an API-first strategy. Or catch Gartner Senior Research Director John Santoro’s presentation on the changes driving API management and integration platform as a service (iPaaS) solutions and what those changes mean to customers using these technologies.

Artificial Intelligence

Interested in learning the latest and greatest about AI? Check out our AI Readiness Seminar, hands-on labs for building AI and retrieval-augmented AI (RAG), sessions from Amazon Web Services, Multiquip, R Systems, Jade Global, Suffolk Construction, and more. Plus, you’ll have the chance to hear industry analyst and CEO of BARC Research, Shawn Rogers, share “Critical Strategies for AI Success.”

Boomi Platform

While nearly all the sessions touch on our intelligent integration and automation platform in one way or another, where else will you have the opportunity to get hands-on to explore the full Boomi (platform, that is)? For the more technical attendee, find out how to scale Boomi integration runtimes with Kubernetes. And those of you who use the platform daily will be interested in our a deep dive into the Boomi product roadmap session. It’s a great chance to interact with the Boomi product team and find out what’s on the horizon — even before CPTO Ed Macosky’s keynote!

Helping People Lead Better Lives

One of the things we take great pride in is how so many of our customers and partners are using Boomi to help people. Yes, it’s technology — but it’s so much more. You’ll get the chance to hear how Cochlear implants enable people to hear. How the State of North Carolina was able to save lives during the pandemic. How superannuation fund Aware Super ensures profit for its members. And that’s only a few of the fabulous stories on the docket.

General Sessions

In addition to breakout sessions with practical information you can use to improve your business and navigate the constantly changing technology ecosystem, Boomi World will present a roster of visionary keynote speakers. Keep an eye on the speaker page, as we’ll be adding our breakout session presenters to the list over the next few weeks!

You’ll hear from CEO Steve Lucas, recently the subject of a deep-dive interview in ERP Today magazine, as well as Chief Product and Technology Officer Ed Macosky, a member of the Forbes Technology Council since 2021. And Deion Sanders, aka “Coach Prime,” will share the insights he’s gained from a 14-season, hall-of-fame NFL career.

Women in Technology — Connect, Lead, and Succeed

On Wednesday, May 8, Boomi World will host a Women in Technology breakfast, with a panel discussion moderated by Technology Correspondent Lisa Martin. In addition to Boomi CMO Alison Biggan, the panel will include:

You can expect a wide-ranging discussion relevant to anyone in technology, regardless of where they are along their career path.

Don’t Forget Pre-Conference Training!

This year at Boomi World, we’re offering two days of optional pre-conference training, encompassing up to three courses (a morning and an afternoon course on May 7, plus the option of a special extended course on May 6 for those who select the two-day training option.)

If you haven’t already registered, today is a great day to do it. We hope to see you in Denver!

Check out the full lineup on our Boomi World agenda and register today!