Our Partners: Boomi’s Strategic Advantage

5 min read | 06 Nov 2018

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The Boomi World Partner Summit kicked off today at the Encore in Las Vegas, a day before the full Boomi World 2018 conference begins.

The summit, which brought together more than 200 Boomi partners from around the world, gave partners an opportunity to learn what’s next for the Boomi platform, to hear about exciting projects from their peers and Boomi, and to reflect on all the great work that has taken place during the past year.

One message came through loud and clear. Partners are Boomi’s strategic advantage.

“Since the day I started working for Boomi more than six years ago, there has never been a question that partners are core to our company,” said Will Corkery, senior vice president of sales. “In one way or another, you are part of a majority of our customer relationships. You are absolutely critical to our sales, service, support, and, ultimately, our mutual customers’ satisfaction with Boomi.”

For Boomi, partners are an essential part of how we develop, launch and deliver our platform and expertise to customers.

And, as emphasized by Boomi executives, Boomi will continue to invest heavily in its partner network. For example, in the past 12 months, Boomi has added 24 new embedded partners who feature Boomi technology in their own products.

“Boomi is a company that understands the complex changes companies are facing,” said Boomi chief executive officer Chris McNabb. “We build a platform that addresses these critical challenges — challenges such as integration, data quality, API management and workflow. And we count on our partners to create and deliver expertise, resources and technologies for our customers, using the software we’ve built and guiding customers through their entire digital transformation journey.”

Technology Previews and Sales Huddles

Boomi’s leadership devoted the day to briefing partners on what Boomi has in store for the coming year — including new product features that will further accelerate integration to new sales tools and a new version of the partner portal.

Panel topics ranged from tactical matters including sales training to strategic initiatives such as helping customers develop integration centers of excellence. Attendees also reviewed projects related to the Internet of Things and emerging technologies such as blockchain.

In the afternoon, Boomi partners discussed how they are working with Boomi to address their customers’ most pressing integration and transformation challenges.

“When we recommend Boomi, we know you have our back,” said Bob Carbo, cloud business development director, TATA Consultancy Services (TCS). “You’re a leader in how we partner in the market.”

“What Boomi can do is help people become their own platform,” said Ramon Villarreal, senior manager of cloud-native architecture at Accenture. “The Boomi platform enables people to take control of their data and deliver value in a faster way.”

“Your values are our values,” added Mukesh Kumar, managing director at Slalom. “You always do what’s right for the customer.”

To further support its partners, Boomi announced a new Technology Partner Program to help drive digital transformation for the enterprise.

“This specialized partner program is aimed at giving Boomi technology partners the training, support and resources they need to meet rapidly growing demands from customers that want to build connected businesses,” said David Tavolaro, Boomi’s vice president of global business development.

The program supports partners to develop public connectors, create interoperability and validate compatibility on the Dell Boomi platform.

Partner Awards

The day concluded with Boomi honoring some of its outstanding partners, providing a sampling of all the great work Boomi partners have done throughout the year. Boomi Partner Award winners this year included:

  • Worldwide Partner of the Year – Deloitte: A strategic engagement which started at the beginning of the year is now paying dividends with step function jumps in revenue, engagements worldwide (recently signed partnership with NZ Deloitte), certifications and professional service engagements
  • Innovation Partner of the Year – Hathority: Pioneering work on IoT and blockchain using the Boomi platform
  • North American Partner of the Year – Slalom: Fantastic numbers across the board by ACV, net new customers, certifications and field interactions
  • EMEA Partner of the Year – Accenture: Continuing the momentum in Europe for this year, as well as increases in referrals across the region
  • APJ Partner of the Year – Anatas: Rapid increase in certifications of their consultants and successful referrals and implementations in the region
  • Embedded Partner of the Year – Host Analytics: Innovative use of features on the Boomi platform. Boomi partner features helped Host Analytics offer multiple solutions for application and data integrations, data exchange via B2B/EDI, and mediation via API design and management.
  • Alliance Partner of the Year – NetSuite: Blowout growth (2.5X), with more expected next year with  investments in EMEA

Boomi World officially opens today with a keynote presentation by CEO Chris McNabb and other executives covering Boomi’s vision and plan for the coming year. The highlight of the day will be a discussion with Dell Technologies CEO Michael Dell about Boomi’s strategic value to the Dell family of companies and its customers.