Insurance technology leader enables real-time financial forecasting and improves its decision-making by connecting back-office systems


Insurance technology company Azur provides a platform for insurers across the whole value chain, covering everything from quoting to claiming, as well as back office accounting, document production, claims management, and analytics.

As Azur rolls out new products and pursues acquisitions to expand its business, the challenge of connecting various applications and systems becomes more mission-critical. The company needs to ensure that its finance team can spend their time providing information to management rather than reconciling numbers.

Le sfide tecnologiche

Having launched with a blank slate in 2015, Azur chose the best IT solutions for each business function rather than picking a single ERP platform. Although this led to optimal solutions being adopted, it was a challenge to ensure that data could move smoothly between each system.

Due to the nature of its business, Azur needs daily forecasting. Without an integrated model that can connect its ERP solutions, share information across systems in real-time , and facilitate analytics, this is almost impossible.

Il ruolo di Boomi

Azur needed to integrate the Workday Adaptive Planning forecasting platform with Azur’s HR system, Salesforce CRM platform, and ERP solution to bring together relevant data and facilitate data transfer from legacy systems. FP&A solutions enabler Miagen recommended Boomi for its ability to integrate cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) solutions.

With Boomi-powered integrations in place, departmental managers have more visibility over their finances. Greater departmental oversight of budgets puts more control and responsibility into the hands of individual managers, empowering the business.


Boomi enabled Azur to:

  • Connect a range of IT applications, breaking down data silos
  • Integrate legacy systems of acquisition companies, either though migration or connection
  • Enable real-time financial forecasting to inform business decisions
  • Reduce the financial reporting monthly cycle by three days
  • Centralize information in a single platform as the sole source of truth
  • Eliminate the human error associated with manual data entry and transfer

Boomi will continue to be a vital integration partner as Azur pursues new acquisitions and products.