Transformation Accelerated

Reinvent the way you work –
Transform your workflows
and processes

Reinvent the way you work – Transform your workflows and processes

Organizations need to improve the way they interact with their customers, employees and partners. The challenge is to ensure these new experiences are easy to build, maintain and evolve.

To accelerate transformation, organizations must proactively address line of business needs and automate key business processes. Boomi’s cloud-native, low-code platform lets you build custom apps and automate workflows to address your business needs, while reducing complexity and cost and delivering fast time-to-market and scalability.

UTS’ challenge

The university knew that it needed to shift to a cloud-based strategy to be more agile and deliver services to its students, prospective students, faculty, staff and alumni. Financial savings, while desired, weren’t the main driver for a cloud shift — speed was. UTS chose to use Boomi because of its ease of use, as the university believed it would provide the desired agility and speed.

Winning outcome

With Boomi’s cloud-native, low-code integration platform, the university has been able to quickly and easily connect approximately 30 applications. The team has also developed 50 internal and external APIs with significant usage each month.

“We’re actually able to do more in that implementation project than we expected to do in the beginning, for no extra cost and no extra time we fit more in.”

David O’Connor, Web and Applications Manager, University of Technology Sydney

Workforce Transformation

To meet the needs of the modern workforce, organizations are investing in technology to increase employee productivity and improve operational efficiency. Boomi transforms internal processes by empowering employees with automated, fast and easy access to data and apps so they can do more in less time. Boomi’s easy-to-use technology can transform processes to foster collaboration and increase engagement. As a result, Boomi embeds agility into the organization and gain new economies of skill.

Unified Digital Experience

Digital Customer Experiences aim to use data to optimize offers to customers; manage the customer journey across all touch points: and optimize experience across ecosystem partners. Winners delight customers throughout the journey. Boomi allows them to put together a single view of customers and create experiences meeting today’s customers’ needs.

Operations Optimization

The objectives for transformation vary from organization to organization. Common aims include integrated channels, seamless end-to-end transactions, and connected business processes.

IT Delivery Acceleration

With the pace of business change dramatically increasing, IT needs to deliver services to the business faster or the business risks losing customers, market share, and revenue.

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