Boomi Blue Challenge 2018

Customer 360

Turn data into revenue with a unified customer view

Customers expect an exceptional omnichannel experience, whether they interact with your website, call center, mobile app or physical stores. They reward merchants that understand their preferences and anticipate their needs.

Fragmented customer data across disconnected silos makes those goals tough to achieve. Whether you sell B2C, B2B or both, a unified 360-degree customer view is crucial to success.

Integrate, Analyze and Engage

Boomi connects your customer data from any source, any time, so you can keep pace as buyers move across channels. See who your shoppers are, what they want and how they want it — then turn those insights into revenue.

Understand your customers
Analytic tools are only as good as your data. Consolidate customer data from multiple touchpoints into a single profile to understand website activity, mobile usage, orders, support calls and more.
Deliver personalized experiences
A unified 360-degree view lets you orchestrate personalized marketing campaigns and relevant interactions that delight customers. Capitalize on your data for precision engagement based on deep customer understanding.
Streamline omnichannel commerce
Connect ecommerce, physical POS systems, call centers and inventory management in real time to meet demands to buy, pick up and return goods by the channel of choice. Eliminate the friction that derails customer journeys.

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