SAP & Integration Made Easy in the Cloud

SAP & Integration Made Easy in the Cloud

Duration: 60 minutes

Moving data between ERP and CRM applications and keeping them synchronized has historically been extremely difficult and time consuming. Organizations that utilize SAP® as their ERP solution often struggle to integrate SAP with other systems in their enterprise or in the cloud such as®, and in turn fail to automate or optimize their business processes. This means data inconsistencies that cause loss of track-ability, incomplete reporting and lots of manual fixes. While many SAP integration approaches are complex, expensive, and difficult to employ, a new approach— using Dell Boomi®— changes the game.

Steve Tseng, Enterprise Architect Dell Boomi and Wes Manning, Sales Engineer Dell Boomi, will introduce the SAP-certified Dell Boomi connector and cloud integration solution, and Michael Hubbs, Director of IT, Emtec, Inc., will illustrate how implementation of Dell Boomi enabled shortened time-to-value and a lower cost of integration between SAP and

Topics covered include:

  • SAP integration fundamentals, including IDocs, BAPIs and RFCs
  • Live demonstration of a Dell Boomi integration in the cloud
  • Use case: Emtec, Inc’s immediate ROI and improved quote-to-cash process
Speakers include:
Michael Hubbs, Director of IT, Emtec, Inc.
Steve Tseng, Enterprise Architect, Dell Boomi
Wes Manning, Sales Engineer, Dell Boomi

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