Dell Boomi Eases Cloud Integration with Summer 12 Release and Industry’s First CrowdSourced Regression Testing

  • Enterprise-focused data integration enhancements provide a single-platform solution for major application and data integration use cases
  • Industry-first crowdsourced regression testing strengthens future releases with real customer test scenarios
  • Security management improvements give clients greater flexibility for governing their security policies

BERWYN, PA, June 5, 2012 — Dell Boomi® today announced an improved cloud integration platform that helps organizations modernize, simplify and manage their changing IT environments. Dell Boomi AtomSphere Summer 12 significantly expands application and data integration capabilities, enhances security and—in an industry first—offers Boomi Assure, crowdsourced regression testing.

Dell Boomi AtomSphere integrates applications and data in customers’ IT environments by acting as the connection between applications, whether they reside in the cloud or on-premises. The latest release of AtomSphere helps deliver predictable service levels for real-time data transfers in the cloud by reserving cloud resources. In addition, it provides a solution to manage their security policies with improved flexibility and governance.

AtomSphere Summer 12 also includes the industry’s first crowdsourced regression testing to help ensure that customer integration scenarios are tested in every release. Dell Boomi’s passionate community helps accelerate the quantity and relevance of regressions that are executed in each release.

According to an independent report by Holger Kisker, Ph.D., of Forrester Research, Inc.: “Clients are beginning to see the broader business agility and speed benefits of cloud; however, the biggest cloud value contribution goes beyond that, moving into business process innovation and business-to-business (B2B) collaboration. Although we are still in the very early stages of exploring and exploiting this new opportunity, Forrester believes that this shift toward cloud-based B2B collaboration will frame the cloud agenda going forward.”1

New features included in AtomSphere Summer 12:

  • Boomi Assure: An industry first, Boomi Assure enables crowdsourced regression testing, which allows users to submit their integration processes with test data to a regression testing framework, which will ensure pre-testing and support in future AtomSphere releases.
  • Service-oriented Architecture (SOA) Worker: A real-time oriented, high performing and custom configured Atom for through-the-cloud data movement, the SOA worker is delivered as part of the SOA Framework and ensures predictable performance levels for real-time data transfers.
  • Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) Enhancements: ETL enhancements in Summer 12 allow organizations to solve all major integration use cases with one platform:
    • Join (Document Cache) enables users to join multiple data sources in one integration process and keep in-memory for fast access;
    • Bulk Copy offers the most efficient and least disruptive way to load large volumes of data into a database, increasing the breadth of integration projects that can be centrally developed, managed and monitored on one converged application and data integration platform; and
    • Hadoop Connector Connectivity from your business to Hadoop for processing Big Data.
  • Governance & Security Management: New security features enable enterprises greater flexibility in managing and federating security policies through SAML-based single sign-on, which supports centralized management of user access, and centralized password policy enhancements, enabling password creation policy on AtomSphere to conform with corporate standards.

“AtomSphere Summer 12 release addresses the concerns that IT leaders face when it comes to application and data integration,” said Rick Nucci, General Manager, Dell Boomi. “Summer 12 simplifies and improves integration processes, capitalizing on the efficiency offered by cloud computing. And the security enhancements also give IT teams further assurance that their data and IP is secure, whether moving through cloud or on-premises applications.”

Pricing and Availability

Boomi AtomSphere is available worldwide and existing customers have immediate access to all the Summer 12 features with the exception of the SOA Worker, Hadoop and Bulk Copy. SOA Worker is a standard feature in AtomSphere Enterprise Edition but requires an additional fee for other editions. Bulk copy and Hadoop each consumes one of the connectors in an AtomSphere subscription. New customers can gain access to AtomSphere beginning at $550/month. Learn more at

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1 Source: “The Changing Cloud Agenda,” Forrester Research, April 24, 2012.