Sabre Holdings

Travel technology provider integrates legacy data with cloud-based data, gaining greater visibility into incidents and ensuring client SLAs are met.


Sabre Holdings provides travel suppliers with technology solutions that enable travel buyers to plan, market, sell, serve, and operate their businesses. The company processes more than 1.1 trillion system messages each year, including 100,000 messages per second during peak times, and 1.5 billion daily API requests.

Sabre needed a consistent, streamlined way to consolidate and analyze data to understand the impact of any given incident, plus give business managers the information needed to maintain their client service-level agreements (SLAs).


When any type of incident occurs, Sabre must immediately generate a report to understand the nature and severity of the issue to meet client SLAs. But weeks of data management were required to develop an accurate picture of any incident. Furthermore, the same data could produce different results, depending on which analyst was preparing the report.

In addition, a new ServiceNow implementation meant that to get a complete view of the customer, business managers also needed to consolidate ServiceNow data with legacy data.


To consolidate and host the data from legacy and new systems, and deliver the “product 360” that Sabre required, Boomi installed a 22-node Cloudera Hadoop environment in AWS, running Boomi’s enterprise-class data integration software and leveraging Hive for the transformation processing engine.

Boomi also performs data cleansing and enrichment, creating Hive and CSV outputs in Hadoop, which directly connect to Qlik business intelligence and visualization software for analysis.


With Boomi, Sabre was able to connect systems, including ServiceNow, Oracle, Atlassian JIRA, CA PPM, and a number of other flat file structures.

With Boomi Data Catalog and Preparation, Sabre can produce standardized, consistent, dynamic business intelligence (BI) dashboards, faster and using more data sources than previously possible. This gives the company the aggregated data it needs to pinpoint incident-related issues and quickly resolve them, plus provide improved support overall — while empowering business users through self-service access to the data.

quote Boomi delivered in two weeks what it would have taken our IT department six months to do with our old method of data integration. quote
Madhuri Kollu, Director, Data & Analytics, Sabre Holdings