JWH Group

JWH Group, a leading home builder in Western Australia, boosts its sales and marketing effectiveness by using Boomi to integrate SugarCRM and Marketo — while keeping data segregated across competing companies.


The company needed to integrate SugarCRM and Marketo to improve the prospect and client experience, boost sales and marketing effectiveness and generate new insights from company data.


Four of JWH Group’s eight companies — Plunkett Homes, WA Country Builders, Residential Building WA and Oswald Homes — are considered competitors. JWH needed to segregate Marketo and SugarCRM data so that lead and quote information couldn’t be accessed by the competing companies as each pursued prospective home buyers. There was no way this could be accomplished using the API functionality in Marketo and SugarCRM.


JWH Group solved its problem with Dell Boomi. Boomi delivers real-time connectivity between SugarCRM and Marketo, while maintaining appropriate data access for each company. Sales reps have valuable insights into prospective home buyers — but only their own company’s prospects. At the same time, JWH Group executives have a consolidated, group-level view of the sales pipeline. Plus, with Boomi, JWH Group has accelerated integration development by 50 percent compared to alternatives.


JWH Group has put Boomi at the center of an IT modernization initiative to replace legacy systems with new cloud applications. The effort aims to improve operational efficiencies, deepen customer relationships and deliver real-time data for analytics to guide strategy, planning and decision-making. The firm’s initial success with Boomi included:

  • Fifty-percent faster integration
  • Little to no ongoing IT maintenance or support
  • New sales and marketing insights
  • Greater flexibility for IT modernization

Boomi allows JWH Group to build integrations 50 percent faster. The time saved is applied to creating greater innovation.

quote The Boomi integration just works. We’re not needing to put development and IT resources into supporting Boomi, and that’s a huge benefit. quote
Pep Oliveri, CTO, JWH Group