Dell Boomi Reimagines iPaaS with Industry-Leading Intelligence, Blockchain Capabilities

Powered by more than 20TB of data and a new, unmatched user experience journey

LAS VEGAS – Boomi World 18 – November 6, 2018Dell Boomi™ (Boomi), the leading enterprise transformation provider of cloud integration and workflow automation to build The Connected Business, announced at Boomi World its product vision to reinvent the iPaaS industry.  In the coming months, this vision will be incorporated into Boomi’s products, offerings and overall business strategy in order to continue to provide the best possible business outcomes for customers and partners.

As a foundational technology for business transformation, an iPaaS needs to do more than just integrate applications. It needs to provide connectivity across the entire business ecosystem – the company, its partners and customers – and connect applications, people and things. And it needs to do so in a seamless, efficient manner that drives high productivity and faster time to outcomes. Today, Boomi is the only iPaaS solution that offers a unified platform, including:

  •        Integrate – connect applications and data across your hybrid IT ecosystem
  •        Hub – synchronize and enrich trusted data with a single source of truth across your enterprise
  •        Exchange – manage your trading partner network using traditional EDI and modern web services protocols
  •        Mediate – design, secure and scale APIs through their entire lifecycle
  •        Flow – build customer journeys and automate simple and sophisticated workflows

Boomi’s reinvented iPaaS includes:

  • Unmatched User Experience Boomi understands that iPaaS is used by people with different levels of technical expertise, for a range of projects, from simple to complex. The new user experience (UX) is designed to meet every user – from Enterprise Architects to Citizen Integrators – at their level of expertise, and provide guidance best suited to the project or use case at hand.  Users can focus on the problems they are looking to solve and can easily complete projects or achieve business outcomes. From HR and finance to sales and operations, fully formed guidance and suggestion routes are provided.
  • Community Intelligence In 2008, Boomi pioneered the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to simplify building and managing integration processes with Boomi Suggest, Boomi Resolve and Boomi Assure. Boomi’s vision builds on this foundation and incorporates intelligence into every step of the user’s journey, to enable them to complete their projects quickly and efficiently. With approximately 20 TB of anonymous metadata incorporated into the solutions’ intelligence, this pervasive knowledge is included in every aspect of the Boomi platform to help users be more productive. With the mindset of shared success, it shows users how to optimally configure Boomi for specific needs, based on feedback and insights from the community.
  • Simplified Collaboration – Given the importance of team work, Boomi’s new UX is designed to support real time collaboration across users and teams, with requisite controls and tracking.
  • Blockchain Integration – Boomi’s world class, unified platform offers support for industry-leading blockchain platforms Ethereum and Hyperledger Fabric so customers will be ready to quickly and easily incorporate blockchain smart contracts into their business processes. During this time of the blockchain evolution, Boomi will be actively contributing to blockchain standards, and participating in various industry consortiums in order to influence the integration requirements customers will need to adopt blockchain.

“iPaaS is no longer just about integration, it is about pervasive connectivity and business transformation. If a business simply emphasizes the ability to integrate, then it is only focusing on a piece of the puzzle,” said Steve Wood, Chief Product Officer at Dell Boomi. “Boomi offers an iPaaS platform that delivers transformation by connecting people as well as data. The iPaaS of today will not be the iPaaS of tomorrow and it is Boomi’s vision to redefine the market in order to provide the best integration cloud technology to our customers and partners.”

Screen shot: Boomi’s vision for a customer-led experience to integrate Salesforce to SAP

“Flinders University prides itself for being an innovator in contemporary education and the source of Australia’s most enterprising graduates,” said Nicole Fishers, Associate Director, Digital Business Services & Deputy CIO at Flinders University. “We have recognized the vital need of progressive technology in the higher education industry and Boomi allows us to be connected across our entire organization. With more than 25,000 students, Boomi is helping us to provide them unprecedented access to information.”

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