Dell Boomi Inaugural Customer
Excellence Awards


We appreciate all the work our customers are doing to help build the Connected Business through the use of Boomi, so this year, we are excited to introduce the Boomi Customer Excellence Awards. The awards honor and recognize Boomi customers who have transformed their organizations, customers, or communities through inventive deployment of Boomi’s products and solutions in the areas of integration, API management, EDI, ROI, and innovation.

During Boomi World 2018 we will present Boomi Customer Excellence awards in the categories of ROI, Emerging Technology, Innovator, and Change Agent. All Dell Boomi customers using any Boomi solution are welcome and encouraged to apply.

To apply, click here: Customer Excellence Awards Specific eligibility criteria can be found under Customer Excellence Awards FAQs.

Award winners in each category will be recognized in front of Boomi World attendees and Boomi executives during the awards ceremony. Please submit your Customer Excellence Awards application by September 28th 2018 in any of the following four categories:


Award Categories


  • This category will highlight the exceptional business results and ROI our customers achieved using Boomi solutions.
  • The nominee should be able to answer the following questions:
    1. Describe the significant impact of your Boomi initiative to the organization
    2. How did your business grow or save money with Boomi’s solutions?

Emerging Technology

  • This category will highlight customers in the early stages of their groundbreaking transformation journeys. This customer is on the brink of becoming a Connected Business with Dell Boomi’s solutions in conjunction with an emerging technology like IoT, Edge Computing, Blockchain and AI/Machine Learning.
  • The nominee should be able to answer the following questions:
    1. Describe what Boomi solution your organization is using as it continues in its transformative journey
    2. How is your business growing or saving money with Boomi’s solutions?


  • Innovators think differently; they do things differently and transform organizations. The innovator awards category will spotlight those customers who continue to evolve and impact their business, customers and community. This category will highlight customers and significant business impacts from their innovative digital and IT transformations.
  • The nominee should be able to answer the following question:
    1. What innovative digital and IT transformations did your organization use to build the Connected Business?
    2. What impact did Boomi tools have on the business?

Change Agent

  • A change agent is a catalyst for transformation. This category will highlight an individual within an organization that is pushing boundaries and disrupting the industry.
  • The nominee should be able to answer the following questions:
    1. What new changes have you and your organization implemented in the last year?
    2. Describe the significant impact Boomi’s solutions have had on your organization and how that has helped you transform your business.