Salesforce Integration Guide

Learn How to Integrate Salesforce with Your Key Systems

Salesforce is a great CRM application, but its value is not fully realized unless it integrates with other core systems in your IT environment, such as financials/ERP, customer service, marketing automation and ecommerce.

Integration platform-as-a-service (iPaaS) technology equips you to easily connect Salesforce to on-premises legacy systems and other cloud applications. Cloud-based iPaaS lets you quickly configure and deploy integrations to streamline the lead-to-cash lifecycle and support sales forecasting, cross-channel lead management and superior customer service.

Download Dell Boomi’s Salesforce Integration Guidebook to learn how to integrate Salesforce with your key systems without the costly overhead of traditional on-premises middleware or custom coding. This e-book will give you:

  • A roadmap to automate business processes and benefit from Salesforce integration
  • Tips for using iPaaS to easily connect the applications that run your business
  • Checklists to help you benefit from Salesforce integration

This e-book will show you the benefits of using iPaaS to connect Salesforce to your business-critical applications and how to utilize Dell Boomi's prebuilt Salesforce connector to create integrations in minutes.

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