Boomi Adds On-Demand Supply Chain Integration Capabilities to AtomSphere Platform

ORLANDO, FL (UConnect Conference) 06/02/09 – Boomi, the market and technology leader for on-demand integration, today announced it has added on-demand supply chain integration capabilities to its Boomi AtomSphere cloud integration platform. This is the first and only completely cloud-based, self-service supply chain integration solution in the industry. Businesses can now exchange supply chain data and manage trading partner relationships without having to install and maintain software or appliances or pay expensive consultants or value-added network (VAN) fees.

As the applications supporting core supply chain processes continue to move to the cloud, organizations need a new, SaaS-based option for managing their trading partners. While some companies choose to outsource this function, many view this capability as strategic and need a way to retain control of their operations while still capitalizing on all the advantages of SaaS technology. Traditional on-premises B2B Gateways have become outdated and lack the appropriate architecture and feature set to support EDI in the SaaS/Cloud ecosystem. Boomi’s AtomSphere enables companies to build, deploy and manage all of their trading relationships from their web browser, with no software or hardware to install or maintain, and no reliance on third party EDI providers. This unique functionality gives organizations, for the first time, complete control over their trading partner network directly from the cloud.

“To date, companies employing supply chain integration solutions have been held captive by legacy EDI vendors and VANs,” said Bob Moul, CEO of Boomi. “Even companies that have begun to move supply chain functions to the cloud have not reaped the true rewards of SaaS because there was not a high-tech and cost-effective integration option. Today we are proud to deliver the first cloud-based, self-service, supply chain integration platform — freeing the industry to fully unleash the potential of the cloud for integrated commerce.”

Building on a decade of experience, product development, and thousands of successful EDI implementations, Boomi AtomSphere enables companies to manage trading partner networks of any size using a scalable and secure SaaS integration platform. Regardless of where an organization sits in the supply chain, from manufacturing to distribution, warehousing, transportation services and retail operations, companies can build, deploy and manage both traditional EDI as well as newer web services, completely on demand.

Boomi AtomSphere addresses the full-scope of key EDI requirements, including:

  • Trading Partner Management: Set-up and manage all trading partners to enable EDI exchanges using standard EDI and eCommerce
  • EDI Data Mapping: Transform any combination XML, flat file, database data, and EDI with native support ASC X12 EDI data transformation.
  • Full EDI Envelope Support: Automatically aggregate and split EDI data into envelopes, also known as ISAs.
  • Trading Partner Enablement: Companies can easily deploy integration processes to partners and avoid having to purchase and maintain expensive software or VAN dependencies.
  • Support for Industry Standard Communication:Built-in secure communication options including AS2 and secure FTP.

About Boomi

Boomi is the market-leading provider of on-demand integration technology and the creator of AtomSphere, the industry’s first integration platform-as-a-service. AtomSphere connects providers and consumers of SaaS and on-premises applications via a pure SaaS integration platform that does not require software or appliances. ISVs and businesses alike benefit by connecting to the industry’s largest network of SaaS, PaaS, on-premises and cloud computing environments in a seamless and fully self-service model. Leading SaaS players such as, NetSuite, Intuit, @Task, Taleo, and Zuora rely on AtomSphere to accelerate time to market, increase sales, and eliminate the challenges associated with integration. Recent Boomi awards include the SIIA CODiE for Best On-Demand Platform; the AlwaysOn East 100; the AlwaysOn Global 250; and the JMP Securities Hot 100. For more information about Boomi, visit