May 26th, 2017

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Sungard Availability Services (Sungard AS) provides peace of mind to organizations who want to be sure their businesses will keep working no matter what.

And, for the same peace of mind about the data used in its business continuity applications, Sungard AS relies on Dell Boomi.

Sungard AS, headquartered in Wayne, Penn., offers its Assurance family of applications as a cloud-based managed service for helping organizations plan, maintain, and implement disaster recovery solutions for when an unforeseen event takes down a key office or data center.

“Our service is all about getting our customers’ critical software applications back online as quickly as possible, so they can minimize disruptions to their operations,” says Scott Williams, director of professional services at Sungard AS.

While any organization has a keen interest in avoiding a loss of business operations, Williams says the challenge of collecting and maintaining data from a variety of sources within the organization, including IT and human resources management systems, has been a big reason why business continuity programs have not been widely adopted or have struggled to be effective.

“Continuity planning is a living, breathing process,” Williams says, referring to the importance of being able to continually update a disaster response plan with information about a constantly changing mix of people and IT resources.

Sungard AS estimates a business continuity manager will spend 15-20 hours per month maintaining information about applications, hardware, personnel and other operational information. In addition, multiple departments and sometimes dozens of people must be involved to coordinate all this data collection.  With so many moving parts, this often leads to inconsistent data.

But with Boomi automating the collection, cleansing, and reconciliation of customer data in the Sungard AS service, the barrier to the adoption of an effective business continuity program has been removed. Once set up, Boomi makes it practically effortless for customers to maintain their records in the Sungard AS Assurance suite, Williams says

Making the Connection

Scott Barndt, vice president of customer success for Sungard AS, says Boomi’s robust but easy to use integration platform has played a key role in the dramatic success of the company.

“Boomi helps us close more deals,” he says.

Sungard AS now has more than 700 customers worldwide, with a 95 percent renewal rate. Such customer satisfaction has been driving Sungard AS’s 100 percent annual growth rate for the past three years.

To help achieve its rapid growth and customer engagement, Sungard AS is using Boomi to address a myriad of integration challenges.

Critically, Boomi’s broad and flexible range of connectors and integration capabilities allows Sungard AS to easily connect to virtually any applications customers might have, which include both a mix of legacy on-premise systems and the new generation of software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications.

Some of the common software Boomi helps Sungard AS integrate into its managed service includes an assortment of configuration management database (CMDB) applications, either custom or commercial ones such as ServiceNow. CMDBs serve as a repository of data relating to IT assets and their interdependent relationships for running data centers and business services.

Sungard AS also needs to tie into human resources systems to track the relationships of IT assets to employees and for managing communications through its notification application. These HR systems include cloud-based SaaS applications such as Workday and traditional on-premise applications such as PeopleSoft.

Guaranteeing Clean Data

Gary Cohen, vice president of product development for Sungard AS, says Boomi’s sophisticated capabilities for ensuring data quality are proving invaluable to Sungard AS and its customers. Boomi not only automatically transfers data into Assurance, it also reconciles and maps the data to ensure customer information is clean and consistent, providing a reliable, single source of a “golden” record.

Such a consolidated, dependable view of a company’s operations is paramount for planning and making decisions about how to recover from a disaster.

“Our customers can’t recover if they have seven variations of the same info,” Cohen says. “We have a much deeper layer of visibility into our customers’ data integrity that wouldn’t be possible without Boomi.”

Managing Managed Services

Sungard AS also relies on Boomi’s Private Atom Cloud for the necessary centralized infrastructure to scale its managed services across its rapidly expanding array of customers.

Boomi Private Atom Cloud is Boomi’s Atom run-time engine hosted in the cloud and shared across multiple customer accounts, either through a private virtualized data center or a commercial option such as Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure.

Brian O’Toole, a Boomi technical account manager, explains that Private Atom Cloud makes it possible to set up a virtual data center where a service provider can quickly “spin up” virtual instances of Atoms for each customer. He says Private Atom Clouds are great for scaling and ideal for managed services like Sungard AS.

Private Atom Cloud lets Sungard AS dial in the requirements, performance, and restrictions that are best suited to the integration needs of each customer.

“With a fast growing service provider like Sungard AS, all those customer instances can multiply rapidly,” O’Toole says. “Private Atom Cloud allows Sungard to centrally monitor and manage all customers in one infrastructure, rather than having to install and manage its software locally at each customer location.”

Integrated Partnership

Bhuvana Sundaresan, a senior director of product management for Sungard AS, says Boomi’s partnership and exceptional professional services support was invaluable in helping Sungard set up their own Private Atom Cloud virtual data center and configure it for optimal performance.

She adds that the reliability and security of her company’s managed service are essential to its customers, many which are in highly regulated financial services, healthcare, insurance, and manufacturing industries.

“We had to have a good story to tell about how we handle and protect our customers’ data,” Sundaresan says. “And Boomi helped us do just that. The security and performance of its native-cloud integration platform give our customers confidence that their data is well taken care of.”

“Whether it is data security or simplifying integrations, Boomi has brought us tremendous benefits,” she adds. “And we’ve only begun to scratch the surface of what we can do with Boomi.”

To learn more about how Boomi can partner with your business to help improve how you integration your data and applications, please contact us today.