Eve Sleep

Ecommerce company focused on sleep wellness automates its unwieldy manual processes, synchronizes its ordering system, and boosts overall efficiency.

Geschäftliche Ziele

To provide an excellent customer experience, sleep products retailer Eve Sleep needed to streamline its ordering and delivery processes by:

  • Tapping its existing NetSuite ERP application to streamline supply-chain processes, align with CRM, and sync its website with inventories.
  • Tackling the long-standing challenge of unwieldy and resource-draining business processes, and instead getting systems to deliver from the start.
  • Moving from clunky, manual processes to automated ones, thereby eliminating inefficiencies and using fewer resources for basic administrative tasks.

Herausforderungen bei der Integration

Until early 2019, Eve Sleep used software from eCommerce supplier Magento and relied on an offshore development team. All integrations were hard-coded as custom modules into Magento; this resulted in complex, time-consuming integrations. In addition, because there was no easy communication between Eve Sleep’s website and warehouses, orders were often out of sync with inventory, and stock information could be inaccurate.

Wie Boomi geholfen hat

Boomi helped Eve Sleep carry out order processing seamlessly and brought coherence to the wider system architecture. As a result, Eve Sleep has enjoyed immediate improvements in three important areas:

  • Inventory is harmonized with the website to keep track of all orders and satisfy customer demand.
  • A competitive edge has been gained by streamlining customer-facing processes, including order consolidation, order modification, and automated refunds.
  • Processes are now thoroughly tested before going live, resulting in a robust, fail-safe design.


Eve Sleep can now offer an outstanding customer experience, complete with accurate website ordering, timely deliveries, and fast customer service. Boomi helped Eve Sleep land some big customer wins by solving key customer-service pain points. Boomi also helps Eve Sleep monitor customer journeys, locating and solving issues as they arise.

Boomi also lets Eve Sleep tap into the full functionality of its NetSuite ERP system, automate customer orders (thereby saving valuable resources), and coordinate supply chain and logistics functions.