November 29th, 2018

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We’ve heard anecdotally from our customers about how they’ve used the Boomi integration cloud to unlock operational efficiencies, generate revenue streams and drive digital transformation.

By adopting Boomi’s low-code, cloud-native platform, our customers can much more quickly and easily connect data, applications and people. They tell us of dramatic cost savings, increased organizational speed and a broad mix of soft benefits.

But we wanted to know more details. What benefits were most significant, how do those benefits come about, and what’s the average return on investment (ROI) for Boomi enterprise customers?

To quantify the benefits of the Boomi platform, we commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct an in-depth study, “The Total Economic Impact™ of the Dell Boomi Platform” (November 2018). This study provides comprehensive insights into how the Boomi platform helps our customers.

To learn more about how Boomi provides substantial ROI and other benefits to our customers, download your copy of Forrester’s study, “The Total Economic Impact™ of the Dell Boomi Platform.”

Forrester’s research of Boomi enterprise customers shows that organizations enjoyed an average ROI of 307 percent over three years, with payback beginning in less than a year.

That amounts to a net present value of $4.8 million over three years through increased revenue, reduced costs and greater productivity. Forrester’s detailed study breaks down financial benefits totaling $6.4 million over three years:

$3.4 million in new revenue. Organizations realize $3.4 million in incremental revenue by using the Boomi platform to connect data from siloed systems, helping them capitalize on opportunities for new revenue streams and innovation.

$1.5 million in infrastructure savings. Transitioning to the cloud and eliminating infrastructure and management costs needed to support legacy on-premise integration tools generates savings of $1.5 million.

$1.1 million in legacy software savings. Replacing on-premise middleware integration tools with Boomi results in $1.1 million less in costs for licensing and IT maintenance.

Nearly $390,000 in IT productivity. Development times are shortened by 70 percent with Boomi, leading to an increase in IT staff productivity and $388,568 in savings.

To conduct its research on the economic value of the Boomi platform, Forrester Consulting interviewed six Boomi enterprise customers in a mix of industries: consumer packaged goods; travel and transportation; manufacturing; energy and utilities; construction; media and advertising.

These customers were all long-term customers with experience in using the entire Boomi platform. From that data, Forrester created a composite global organization with a hypothetical $10 billion in annual revenue and 30,000 employees.

Boomi’s Impact on Revenue

One of the most interesting aspects of Forrester’s study is how organizations are unlocking new revenue streams and pursuing innovation with Boomi’s unified platform.

The Forrester study highlighted that Boomi customers are generating incremental revenue with their ability to:

For example, a major public airport used Boomi Integrate (application integration) and Boomi Mediate (API management) products to streamline onboarding for vendors that lease space at the airport. Efficiencies from the integration helped the finance team bring in new vendors faster and with fewer mistakes, reducing revenue loss from vacant airport retail space.

“We consolidated a lot of our revenue streams…using Boomi, which improved the way revenue streams were being recorded and invoiced to our customers,” explains a solution architect working for the airport. “This allowed our finance team to have more confidence bringing on additional revenue streams, which directly affects our financial performance.”

We think Forrester’s findings also parallel a previous study conducted for Boomi by the research firm Vanson Bourne. That report revealed a 10 percent revenue gain among organizations using a modern integration solution.

Boomi Customers, in Their Own Words

The gains in revenue, cost savings, development speed and business insights have been substantial for Boomi customers. Customers quoted in the Forrester study provide a glimpse into key business goals Boomi is helping them reach.

“When I started this program, we tried to draw our integration diagram on a whiteboard, and it quickly grew to a room that measured 40-by-40 and the walls were full of butcher paper, and we just gave up. We said, ‘This is ridiculous. We need to simplify this.’” — Senior Manager, Business Technology Group, Construction Company

“Boomi improves our time to delivery for integrations and the staff cost savings that go with it. So, if we look at doing an integration with one of the traditional vendors, you’re probably looking at a tenth of the cost of doing that work.” — Head of Development and Operations, Energy & Utilities Company

“One of our biggest concerns was the integrity of the data, the reliability of the data, or all the measures of data quality that you can think of, and to put it bluntly, before Dell Boomi came in we literally had zero data quality metrics.” — Senior Manager, Business Technology Group

“Every initiative that we are working on has been accelerated. It is not a one-off here and there, it applies across the board. The Dell Boomi platform has helped us accelerate our time to delivery.” — Solutions Architect, Public Airport

To learn more about how Boomi provides substantial ROI and other benefits to our customers, download your copy of Forrester’s study, “The Total Economic Impact™ of the Dell Boomi Platform.”