digitalAngel Turns to Boomi to Build Groundbreaking IoT Healthcare Platform

5 min read | 15 Jun 2018

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digitalAngel, a Netherlands-based start-up, is building a revolutionary cloud platform to connect healthcare IoT (Internet of Things) devices to mobile apps and additional applications used by caregivers and other stakeholders in the delivery of digital healthcare.

The company is using the Boomi integration platform to integrate IoT devices with patient management systems, including a custom-built patient care portal and Salesforce Identity Cloud. Boomi’s scalable, high-performance runtime services ensure that patient status updates are delivered in a timely manner to physicians, nurses and other caregivers, improving quality of care and reducing healthcare workloads and expenses.

“It is predicted that companies will invest $15 trillion in IoT before 2025,” says Michael Morton, CTO of Dell Boomi. “Working with the Boomi platform and the Nalta Group, digitalAngel is showing how to make the most of IoT investments, transforming business models and delivering unprecedented value to customers and partners.”

Pioneering IoT Healthcare

digitalAngel is a subsidiary of Medux, The Netherlands’ largest medical equipment supplier. Realizing that medical devices are only going to multiply in number, variation and complexity in the coming years, Medux decided that the best way to connect and manage all those devices would be through a cloud platform. It launched digitalAngel to build and promote that platform.

digitalAngel is decidedly a lean, agile 21st-century start-up. It has just four full-time employees and 45 contractors. The digitalAngel team works with carefully selected technology partners, and it moves at a pace that would leave many larger enterprises gasping.

In the space of a year, working with Boomi and the Nalta Group, an IT consultancy and a leading Dell Boomi partner based in the Netherlands, digitalAngel has built and launched its cloud IoT platform, which already has a pilot project in production at a healthcare facility. This platform is one of the first cloud platforms to receive certified medical device classification in Europe.

To learn more about the digitalAngel IoT platform and Boomi, please read the Dell Boomi digitalAngel case study.

digitalAngel does not waste time. The platform’s performance is continuously being tested and verified by local universities. The company’s partners need to work quickly and to deliver technology that keeps digitalAngel flying at its whirlwind pace.

“Working closely with Boomi and Nalta, we have already achieved a great deal in a very short frame of time,” says Peter de Lange, managing director of digitalAngel.

Why digitalAngel Chose Boomi

To achieve its goal of providing fast, efficient and comprehensive IoT integration for healthcare, digitalAngel needed to choose its integration technology carefully. After evaluating multiple integration vendors, the company selected Boomi.

“Boomi was at least two years ahead of any other vendor on the market, especially in terms of the speed and ease of its low-code development environment,” de Lange says.

De Lange and his team at digitalAngel especially appreciate these benefits of the Boomi platform:

  • Rapid, low-code development digitalAngel wants to avoid complex coding projects that take weeks or months to complete. With Boomi, they’re able to build integrations and roll out new technology systems and workflows in hours or days.
  • Scalability digitalAngel can combine any number of Atoms (Boomi’s run-time integration engine) into a Boomi Molecule, a run-time cluster that provides the scale, flexibility and high availability that the digitalAngel platform requires.
  • Flexibility Using Boomi, digitalAngel and Nalta can use a single code base while running independent development, test and run-time environments.
  • Business acumen and stability digitalAngel wants to partner with “A-List” companies that will be in business for the lifetime of the platform. Boomi’s membership in the Dell family of technology companies made selecting Boomi an easy decision for digitalAngel.

Once digitalAngel chose Boomi, de Lange and his team began working with Boomi and the Nalta Group to quickly built an IoT platform, which they soon deployed in a pilot project.

Smart Mattresses for Smarter Care

The pilot project for the digitalAngel platform provides real-time data feeds from intelligent mattresses, which are equipped with sensors for detecting temperature, pressure and movement. By monitoring mattresses electronically, caregivers working at any location in a facility can know if a patient has unexpectedly left his bed or if she has been lying in one position too long and needs to be turned.

For the intelligent mattress project, the Boomi platform is managing the flow of data back and forth among a custom-built care portal, Salesforce Identity Cloud, an IoT gateway and a database API.

Mike Veldhuis, a managing partner for Nalta, says Boomi is vital to ensuring all the integration processes are running on the platform function as they should. That’s not a simple task, he points out, since just one Salesforce process can require as many as 15 sub-processes that cannot afford to fail.

“Without Boomi the platform simply would not work,” Veldhuis says. “When you look at the data flow from all of these sensors and smart devices and related applications like Salesforce, the data in an IoT network quickly becomes massive. It could be a challenge to know what is happening with all that data, but that is the beauty of Boomi. We know exactly where that data sits and where it is going.”

“While the project is ambitious and challenging, working with Boomi makes our life easy,” he adds.

To learn more about the digitalAngel IoT platform and Boomi, please read the Dell Boomi digitalAngel case study.