Schenck Process Holding GmbH

German measurement and process technology company connects and optimizes its global IT infrastructure.

Business Goals

Schenck Process is a global market leader for solutions in measurement and process technology. Founded in 1881, the company has evolved organically through a series of product and market developments, but also through different M&A projects. Acquired companies remained independent in strategy, culture, structure, processes, tools, and master data management.

With the entry of a new investor in 2017, there was a shift in management and corporate culture, prompting a move toward a portfolio of centralized IT services and solutions.

Integration Challenges

With over 20 locations worldwide, Schenck Process had a very decentralized IT landscape. Each site had very different processes and master data. There were separate HR systems and different payroll requirements. And at peak times, 25 different ERP and finance systems were used simultaneously.

The company wanted to centralize and modernize its systems without bringing in outside consultants, but also didn’t want to strain its approximately 50 IT experts.

How Boomi Helped

Schenck Process conducted a proof of concept with Boomi, rolling out Oracle CRM CX Cloud worldwide. After the rollout of Oracle CRM CX, the collaboration continued with a rollout of Workday, creating interfaces between the enterprise software and a wide range of payroll providers.

The low-code Boomi AtomSphere Platform proved to be intuitive and easy for the Schenck Process team to use. And thanks to numerous Boomi training courses and certifications, Schenck’s employees can implement new integration projects themselves.