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Global software developer simplifies application integrations

NetSuite and are essential to our information infrastructure, and Dell Boomi is the glue and the key enabler for this strategy. You’d need 10 people to do this without Dell Boomi to get the same efficiency of all transaction elements.
Sudheer Yerabati, Director of Business Systems and Integrations

Mindjet expands its use of Dell Boomi AtomSphere to streamline integrations, billing and order management after merging with Spigit.

Business need

Mindjet needed scalable integration of NetSuite and Salesforce, as well as EDI via Salesforce and NetSuite, without adding IT headcount.

Mindjet is a global software development company committed to enterprise innovation excellence. Mindjet’s enterprise-ready innovation management suite, featuring SpigitEngage and MindManager, is used by millions and more than 83 percent of the Fortune 100. Mindjet is the only platform that has the capabilities to drive enterprise innovation at scale. It provides the framework needed to build sustainable, predictable and repeatable innovation processes. As a cloud-based company, Mindjet understood the potential for realizing efficiency by including Dell Boomi AtomSphere® in its implementation of Salesforce CRM and support to integrate with NetSuite, on the advice of their system integrator, WDCi.

Over time, Mindjet expanded beyond those two initial applications, relying on Dell Boomi AtomSphere as its integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) to connect with trading partners in the Americas and EMEA (via EDI) and broadened and deepened its NetSuite and Salesforce integration.

In 2013, Mindjet merged with Spigit, Inc., another software developer that provides a leading innovation management platform known as SpigitEngage, which complements Mindjet’s flagship product, MindManager.

According to Sudheer Yerabati, Director of Business Systems and Integrations, the company found itself processing higher-value, multi-year enterprise transactions alongside high-volume ecommerce transactions.


Automating a complex sales process

Mindjet has a multi-channel sales process, with Boomi supporting transaction flows across:

  • Ecommerce stores run by Mindjet for customers around the world, with orders flowing into NetSuite and then to Salesforce
  • Enterprise transactions that originate in Salesforce and get pushed to NetSuite
  • Channel distributors’ orders that go through EDI into Salesforce and are pushed to NetSuite

Post-merger, the sales process became more complex, and automation became even more critical. As the business evolved, Mindjet began processing an increasingly higher number and variety of transactions. The company implemented alternative flows and deeper, line-level integration of the transactions, with the help of Dell Boomi.

These additional integrations made it possible for Mindjet to:

  • Improve the flow of line-level updates: Whether entered as a Salesforce opportunity or a NetSuite order, integrations update data in each system, and keep the records synced on an ongoing basis, specifically non-GL transaction updates at the line level from NetSuite to flow into Salesforce.
  • Enable efficient EDI transactions: Distributors can now submit orders through EDI, which are passed to a custom object in Salesforce. Mindjet’s Order Management team can monitor and process these transactions quickly and efficiently, before pushing to NetSuite, eliminating duplicate orders.
  • Streamline contract renewal processes: NetSuite invoicing triggers creation of a renewal contract; then, 90 days before the expiration, a Boomi Contract Renewal integration process pushes the contract as a renewal opportunity in Salesforce. If the customer wants to cancel, a sales rep cancels the asset in Salesforce and it’s also reflected in NetSuite and removed from the renewal process.
  • Integrate multi-year transaction flows: Salesforce multi-year opportunities trigger an alternative flow into NetSuite, keeping multiple NetSuite invoicing events synced with a single Salesforce opportunity, which is crucial for billing and forecasting.

“The efficiency of Boomi is critical not only for back-office, end-of-month type reconciliation, but our sales reps also monitor their dashboards and forecasts during their regular work day,” said Sudheer. “At the end of the month and quarter, the integration processes are set up to run more frequently, speeding up transaction flow and ensuring that Salesforce dashboards and forecasts are kept updated close to real-time. With the integrations working so well, sales reps have come to rely on near real-time transaction flow into Salesforce, regardless of the sale’s original system.

“Another benefit of AtomSphere is the efficient flow of transactions,” said Sudheer. “Now, we have the flexibility and support for multichannel and multiple-billing models, which is important if you have multi-year enterprise transactions and high-volume ecommerce transactions — all supported by the same infrastructure.”

Early in the initial engagement with Dell Boomi, Mindjet realized its goal of reducing internal IT support. And despite increasing the number of integrations over time, the company has found it needs even less of that support, thanks to the Dell Boomi iPaaS.

“NetSuite and are essential to our information infrastructure, and Dell Boomi is the glue and the key enabler for this strategy,” said Sudheer. “You’d need 10 people to do this without Dell Boomi to get the same efficiency of all transaction elements.”

About Mindjet

Mindjet is committed to enterprise innovation excellence. Mindjet provides the first software platform with the capability to drive repeatable business innovation at scale. Its enterprise-ready innovation management suite, featuring SpigitEngage and MindManager, is used by millions and over 83% of the Fortune 100. Mindjet enables the world’s leading brands to build and manage sustainable innovation programs with social dynamics, purposeful collaboration, crowd science, and analytics to surface and develop the best ideas then bring them to market. Mindjet is headquartered in San Francisco with offices throughout the US, UK, France, Germany, and Australia. Mindjet, MindManager and the MindManager logo are registered trademarks of Mindjet LLC in the U.S. and other countries. Spigit and SpigitEngage are registered trademarks of Spigit, Inc. in the US and other countries.

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