After merging with software provider Spigit, Mindjet expanded its use of the Boomi platform to streamline integrations, billing and order management at scale without adding headcount.

Business Goals

Mindjet has a multichannel sales process, which Boomi supports through integrations and EDI with NetSuite and Salesforce. Transactions flow across:

  • Ecommerce stores run by Mindjet for customers around the world
  • Enterprise transactions that originate in Salesforce and are pushed to NetSuite
  • Channel distributor orders that go through EDI into Salesforce and then to NetSuite

Integration Challenges

After Mindjet merged with Spigit, another enterprise software provider, transaction flows became more complex. The higher number and variety of transactions being processed led to worries about scalability and accuracy. Mindjet needed to find a way to accommodate this growth without adding IT headcount.

How Boomi Helped

Mindjet was already working with Boomi to integrate Salesforce and NetSuite at the recommendation of systems integrator WDCi. To deal with the added complexity and scale caused by the merger, Mindjet used Boomi to implement alternative flows and deeper, line-level integration of the transactions.

The company expanded its initial integrations, using the low-code Boomi platform to broaden and deepen its NetSuite and Salesforce integrations and connect with trading partners in the Americas and Europe via Boomi EDI capabilties.


With Boomi increasing back-office efficiency, Mindjet was able to:

  • Improve the flow of line-level updates: Salesforce opportunities and NetSuite orders stay synced in each system
  • Enable efficient EDI transactions: Distributors can submit orders through EDI, which can be monitored and processed quickly and efficiently
  • Streamline contract renewal processes: NetSuite invoicing triggers a renewal contract integration process that creates a renewal opportunity in Salesforce
  • Integrate multi-year transaction flows: Multiple NetSuite invoicing events can be synced with a single multi-year Salesforce opportunity

quote NetSuite and Salesforce are essential to our information infrastructure. Boomi is the key enabler for this strategy. Without Boomi, you’d need 10 people to get the same efficiencies. quote
Sudheer Yerabati, Director of Business Systems and Integrations, Mindjet