MedSpeed Teams With Boomi to Transform Its Mission-Critical Business Processes

A market-leading healthcare logistics company uses Boomi’s unified integration platform to enhance customer service, expand its delivery network and improve operational efficiencies — while speeding integration development 5X across 30 mission-critical applications.

Boomi is core to our systems and the entire operation of MedSpeed. It’s the glue that connects the business.
Dan Blake, Chief Technology Officer, MedSpeed

Business Goals

With a fleet of 1,500 vehicles moving roughly 7 million items a year from 130 locations across 29 states, MedSpeed wanted to power business transformation by upgrading from legacy systems to best-of-breed cloud applications.

As a result, the company launched its Next Gen IT initiative. For the plan to succeed, the 19-year-old company needed to connect its cloud apps to execute vital operational processes.

MedSpeed’s goal: transform its business to more effectively serve customers and the healthcare industry at large.

Integration Challenges

As MedSpeed mapped out its new cloud-based infrastructure, the company recognized that flexible, reliable integration across customer and delivery routing systems was essential to addressing its top business challenges, which included:

  • Delivering superior customer experiences across multiple channels through flawless operational execution, transparency and real-time data
  • Gaining new scale and agility to power rapid growth and expand its markets
  • Improve the employee experience by minimizing manual chores of data entry, troubleshooting and workarounds

How Boomi Helped

The company wanted an approach that was straightforward, clear-cut and less complicated, with a lower learning curve and built-in connectivity to the systems MedSpeed had deployed. Boomi satisfied all these requirements.

In one key integration, Boomi exchanges order and route information from Salesforce with Descartes, used for route management. It also connects Kronos scheduling to Descartes and Salesforce. In addition, Boomi updates Descartes and Salesforce with data from MedSpeed’s scanner app.


Boomi reduced MedSpeed’s integration project times by 5X compared to alternatives. With Boomi, MedSpeed has:

  • Deployed 30 mission-critical integrations across diverse applications
  • Access to transparent monitoring for rapid issue identification and resolution
  • Gained a single source of truth to support business objectives and growth

In addition, Boomi boosted MedSpeed’s compliance requirements by fully the healthcare industry’s HIPAA data protection standard.

Boomi provides the visibility to ensure that if anything goes wrong, we can solve the problem quickly.
Dan Blake, Chief Technology Officer, MedSpeed