A global manufacturer empowers analysts with unified, real-time information for informed business decisions with data integration, cleansing, and transformation across 15 disparate ERP systems.

Business Goals

Dozens of acquisitions over the years complemented strong organic growth at Essentra, a leading global supplier of specialty plastic, fiber, foam, and packaging products with operations in 33 countries.

But acquisitions also left the UK-based company with a highly fragmented IT landscape, including 23 disparate enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications and 60 ancillary systems. That was a headache for IT — and it meant that business analysts didn’t have timely, accurate, and unified data for informed decisions to help drive growth.

Integration Challenges

In North America, financial analysts needed days to aggregate data from disparate systems into dozens of spreadsheets to calculate cost of goods sold (COGS), profitability, and other metrics. The process was error-prone and could generate conflicting results.

Data inconsistencies were the root of the problem. For example, the same data attribute was described as “parts_shipping” and “component_transit” in different systems. Essentra knew it had to aggregate, cleanse, normalize, and transform data into a common language to empower business analysts with actionable information.

How Boomi Helped

Essentra approached Boomi to solve its data dilemma in North America, and worked to define COGS parameters such as raw materials, fabrication, assembly, and shipping. The team also created a common language for those parameters that could be used across 15 North American ERP systems.

Using Boomi Data Catalog and Preparation (DCP), Essentra followed a three-phase plan to 1) consolidate data into a unified database, 2) create centralized and standardized KPIs, and 3) implement an enterprise-wide master data management (MDM) framework.


With Boomi Data Catalog and Preparation, Essentra analysts gained a unified, real-time view of data across North American ERP systems. The company replaced many hours of laborious data gathering and normalization with on-demand access to information for analysis and data-driven decision making.

That initial success with Boomi DCP prompted Essentra to roll out the solution on a global scale across all 23 ERP systems. Boomi is key to Essentra’s strategy to break down data silos and unlock the business value of information.

quote Boomi Data Catalog and Preparation allows us to use our data as an asset, gives us a competitive advantage, makes us more agile, and facilitates good decision making. quote
- Nina Rush, Head of PMO & Strategic Business Partner, Essentra