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Automate Invoices from Procurement to Accounts Payable

This customer needed a way to take approved invoices from Coupa’s e-procurement solution and integrate them into their Lawson AP system in order to streamline their business and eliminate duplicate data entry. They desired a one-way integration process to update Lawson AP with invoice information from Coupa.


The Boomi integration program utilized the Coupa API and the Lawson invoice staging tables. From design, development, testing, to production, this was completed in under two weeks.

A one-way integration was built in Boomi AtomSphere to import Coupa invoices using the Coupa invoice API. The invoices in Coupa selected by will be in “Approved” status, and “exported” flag on API = “false”. Each invoice retrieved by the query will be used to update the ETL invoice staging tables. The ETL process will apply additional logic to the records in the ETL staging tables, and will then update the Lawson staging tables with data.

Success Summary

Application Types

  • Finance
  • Procurement


  • Coupa
  • Lawson