Mozy offers cloud backup and access services for home and business users. With more than six million customers, agility is key to Mozy’s success. Mozy uses an automated, online infrastructure to speed implementation, backup and maintenance services to its millions of customers.

Integration Challenges

When a customer signs up for the service on the Mozy website, their information is captured in Mozy’s backend database and then populated into Mozy’s Salesforce Sales Cloud and Service Cloud. As the customer makes changes or initializes backups, the resulting updated information is also populated into Sales Cloud and Service Cloud. Mozy sales and support professionals use this data to inform sales activities and to support customers.

Mark Goetz, manager of eServices at Mozy is responsible for Mozy’s global CRM platform, including integration of the back-end infrastructure–a PostgreSQL database that houses customer data, Sales Cloud and Services Cloud. Goetz realized that recent technological developments meant that the existing solution to populate information about new customer accounts across different tools could be made more efficient through a solution that could be quickly deployed and adopted by the team.

How Boomi Helped

Mozy implements Dell Boomi to integrate CRM with the backend database

Mozy selected a scalable, rapidly deployed integration solution to meet the high-performance throughput needs of its business, and reduce the amount of server infrastructure to manage and lower the total cost of ownership (TCO).

As part of a comprehensive, competitive procurement process, Mozy tested Dell Boomi AtomSphere. Mozy integrated its PostgreSQL database to Sales Cloud and Service Cloud through Dell Boomi AtomSphere, which successfully met the requirement to process more than 100,000 updates per hour. The Mozy team also found that AtomSphere’s intuitive, graphical interface and Boomi Suggest–a suggestion engine for field mapping–enabled faster development times and greater ease of use.


Mozy gains faster customer onboarding to support the rapidly growing needs of its business

Today, Mozy’s infrastructure consists of Dell Boomi AtomSphere, Sales Cloud and Service Cloud and PostgreSQL.

“From the development side, delivery times are now shorter,” reports Goetz. “The system supports several gigabytes of throughput per week to support customer onboarding and customer interactions. Our business thrives on agility, and Dell Boomi provides us superior performance and minimizes the need for custom coding. The capabilities we need are already built in to Dell Boomi so we can build integrations faster and easier.”

Goetz also reports that the Dell Boomi cloud solution has dovetailed nicely into the overall success of Mozy Support, which has become a model for the backup software industry as a whole.

“The speed at which we achieve a complete, clear view of our customers across sales and support means that our agents always have the most up-to-date information at their fingertips and can offer the most accurate support to our customers,” says Goetz. “We continue to raise the bar and have no plans to slow down.”

quote Our customers can scale their backup instantly so we need systems that can respond as fast as we do. With Dell Boomi, we get the scalability, performance and throughput that helps us achieve that. quote
Mark Goetz, Manager of eServices, Mozy