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Accounting Micro Systems

For any application we come across, if there’s an API, we can use the AtomSphere platform to integrate it.
John Kearns, Founder and President, Accounting Micro Systems

Accounting Micro Systems uses Dell Boomi AtomSphere integration platform as a service (iPaaS) so its customers experience faster time to value

A fast replacement for custom coding
AMS had a customer that needed an integration solution between an ecommerce application and Sage 500, a back-end ERP system. The solutions needed to update pricing and stock availability on the website and update orders placed online in the ERP. Custom coding would be time consuming and would require programming resources. AMS wanted to avoid the delays and inefficiencies of having functional consultants translate user requirements for software developers. AMS researched integration software providers and decided on Dell Boomi AtomSphere iPaaS.

“After evaluating Dell Boomi, we saw that AtomSphere was simple and easy to use, so that someone who isn’t a developer could create integrations without having to resort to coding,” says John Kearns, founder and president of AMS. The company saw an opportunity to enhance its services revenue by making the platform available to all of its customers.


Integration with any application
AMS has since used AtomSphere for integrations for Salesforce, Sage 100 and 500, SAP Business ByDesign, Magento, Amazon Web Services, Yahoo Stores and more.

“For any application we come across, if there’s an API, we can use the AtomSphere platform to integrate it. Most recently, we’ve created turnkey integrations between both Magento and Adaptive Insights and SAP Business ByDesign,” says Kearns.

Right away, AMS saw the advantage of using a cloud-based product. With Dell Boomi, AMS can protect customers’ investments in their existing infrastructure, tying applications together to allow them to share data easily.

“In terms of a pure cloud play, Dell Boomi was the only one,” says Kearns. “AtomSphere allows us to centrally manage the integrations, and we retain the intellectual property on the integrations we’ve done. What’s most attractive to the client is that the process is reliable — it’s bulletproof — the solution just works.”

Customers appreciate the fact that the platform doesn’t require a separate application to be installed or maintained in their environment, and AMS can access and maintain those integrations from anywhere. Because everything is accessible via web browser, Kearns and his team can maintain or troubleshoot the integrations from anywhere in the world.

Kearns continues to see the value, as Dell Boomi has increased the number of out-of the-box AtomSphere connectors, which allow his company to broaden their integration capabilities to other cloud-based applications.

Adding value through integration services
Given the ease of use and pre-built connectors that AtomSphere offers, AMS knew it was a perfect fit for its customers.

AMS has been able to enhance its customers’ applications by offering them integration solutions. “At some point, most of our clients have some kind of integration requirement,” Kearns says. “We allow our clients to extend their applications where needed. We haven’t seen any hard wall come up in terms of tying together multiple applications — we haven’t had to say no. Dell Boomi allows us to give our clients the full range of service from software to integration with their other systems,” says Kearns.

Success Summary

Application Types

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Magento
  • Sage 100 and 500
  • SAP Business ByDesign
  • Yahoo Stores and more


  • Computer Software