On-Demand Webinar: Managing Your B2B Transactions with Dell Boomi

Run Your EDI and B2B In The Cloud

Though EDI and B2B Integration is often overlooked, it can be a critical piece of an organization’s digital transformation journey. The ability to quickly and easily manage your trading partner network without the need for expensive resources, coding, or hardware is critical for organizations looking to modernize.

In this webinar, Paul Nushke, EDI Product Manager at Dell Boomi, explains:

  • How Dell Boomi EDI can be used to solve your organizations B2B integration challenges.
  • How Dell Boomi’s cloud-native integration, EDI and B2B platform is helping organizations save 80% on their EDI
  • Why upgrading from a legacy B2B technology will accelerate your organization’s digital transformation



Source: CloudCon: Integration & APIs; Integration Developer News – Dec 7, 2017

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