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The ERP Innovator’s Dilemma

Insights into modernizing ERP, the most-connected of applications

Every business today is impacted by digital disruption. The best compete and win using the technology they deploy – the worst face losing faster than ever.

For many organizations, legacy applications and ERP systems have been built up over decades. The processes they enable are a result of considerable investment but are now seen as a mishmash of complex, hybrid IT, holding back progress.

This research explores how EMEA organizations are tackling The ERP Innovator’s Dilemma, the quandry organizations face as they look to modernize and innovate their ERP systems.

  • Do they invest now to move ERP to the cloud, incurring high costs and disrupting the business in the short term, but then benefiting from improvements sooner?
  • Do they continue to run with functional, albeit older technology to maintain business stability, but then risk being too late to modernize – allowing other businesses who moved sooner a competitive edge?

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