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Welcome to Change the Game – an exclusive series of videos developed
to share practical advice on how you can successfully modernize your
middleware across technology, people and processes.

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In today’s evolving digital landscape, legacy
integration architecture is holding organizations back

– swallowing up resources, freezing strategies and stopping
the adoption of technologies that drive innovation.

It doesn’t have to be this way…

By eliminating the layers of brittle legacy middleware and replacing it
with a modern system, you can liberate your business and achieve more
efficient operations – while maximizing ROI and speed-to-value from
your tech investments.

Discover how to level-up with modern middleware

Modern middleware: Technology, People, Process

Discover the challenges that legacy middleware present businesses,
and how modernizing through technology, people and process can level-up your IT.

Modernize Today

Legacy middleware is holding you back

Learn the key warning signs warning signs that legacy middleware is
holding back your operational efficiency and stifling innovation.

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A five-step plan to overcoming technical debt

Gain insight into the steps you can take to start reducing the burden
of technical debt.

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Five steps for building a successful Integration Center of

Learn how to apply a proven methodology designed to help you set up
an efficient and productive Integration Centre of Excellence.

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A blueprint for success: Technology, People, Process

Discover the ‘Boomi Blueprint’ created to help you effectively
modernize your middleware across technology, people and process.

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Modern Middleware: Your Guide to Leveling Up

How to modernize your middleware across technology, people, and

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