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The session catalog is now live! You can view the initial list of Boomi World 2018 breakout sessions. Be sure to check back in periodically, as we will continue to add new sessions on a regular basis.


All Aboard: Seamless Onboarding for Employee Productivity
from Day 1

Fast, seamless employee onboarding is vital for jumpstarting productivity from Day 1 and improving engagement and retention. Boomi is the solution of choice for leading organizations, as well as HR software providers such as SAP SuccessFactors, to power an exceptional onboarding experience that delights a tech-savvy workforce. And it sets the stage to automate HR processes such as payroll and benefits.

Join this session to hear MOD Pizza representatives discuss how they use Boomi to rapidly integrate employee data from SAP SuccessFactors with in-store point-of-sale and other employee-facing systems. You’ll also hear from a large global airline that’s using Boomi to synchronize HR data from SAP SuccessFactors across more than 100 disparate applications, providing an end-to-end digital HR experience. You’ll learn:

  • Key considerations and best practices for using Boomi for onboarding and HR
  • How SAP SuccessFactors ensures data replication between HR and payroll
  • How MOD Pizza equips new employees for immediate productivity

Boomi Flow and Hackathons: Innovation at the Speed of Business

CIOs say that success in the digital age requires businesses and IT to adopt new operational approaches—in particular, the ability to fail, learn, and deliver fast. In this session, we will share how easy it is to rapidly create business applications using Boomi Flow. We’ll also hear IT leaders from General Electric tell they used Boomi Flow in a Hackathon to quickly turn good ideas into concrete demonstrations of solutions for business use cases, and we’ll demo the winning hackathon use case and Boomi Flow solution.

Customer Success: Modernizing Healthcare Delivery with Boomi

While the American healthcare remains complex and expensive compared to the rest of the world (approaching $4 trillion dollars — 20% of US GDP), it appears that the interests of payers and providers are aligning. In this presentation, we will discuss how both payers and providers can put two things at the center of their organizations: 1) patient-centric care to improve care on a patient-by-patient basis and 2) population health with value-based incentives to drive continual improvement in healthcare. Healthcare organizations say that while data is critical to delivering both initiatives, their data practices often get in the way. One hospital CIO says, “Done well, data is the gift that keeps on giving. The problem is starting with what we have.

Integration Center of Excellence: Unlock New Value for IT and Business

Implemented correctly, a Center of Excellence focused on integration delivers new cost efficiencies, improved business processes, regulatory compliance and digital transformation. Is it time to set up an Integration CoE in your organization?
Join us to learn what an Integration CoE is and what it has to offer your IT and business teams. You’ll also learn best practices for setting up and maintaining an Integration CoE.

You’ll also hear about the real-world experiences of Gilead Sciences and a multinational energy company, both of which improved IT and business performance by implementing Integration CoEs. You’ll also gain valuable insights from a former CoE practice manager, now a Boomi employee.

Whether you’re a Boomi partner or a Boomi customer of any size, you’ll come away with a new understanding of the value that an Integration CoE can provide. We’ll answer questions such as:

  • How can I create an Integration Center of Excellence?
  • How can I drive best practices across multiple projects and business units?
  • What integration patterns and architectures should I be implementing?

IT Transformation: Synergies with Dell Technologies + Dell Boomi

Learn directly from Dell IT how they are using Boomi for “Transforming IT” with the goal of improving customer experience and Dell Technologies’ Net Promoter Score. Also learn from the Global Head of the DellTech Alliance team what other collaborations Boomi is working on within Dell Technologies.

To modernize systems and business, IT transformation depends on seamless information flows and governance from the core to the edge to the cloud. At this session, you’ll learn how Boomi and Dell Technologies offerings work together to make IT transformation a reality across every aspect of today’s complex, hybrid IT environments.

Dell Technologies experts will outline how Boomi aligns with other Dell offerings, including EMC, VMware, Pivotal, RSA and SecureWorks technologies. Supported by an Integration Center of Excellence, Boomi plays the vital role of integration across applications, data and processes in environments that utilize other Dell solutions. You’ll learn about:

  • How Boomi cleans up the “mess” of diverse systems
  • Why IT transformation can’t happen without integration
  • The benefits of establishing an Integration Center of Excellence

The Role of Enterprise Architects in Digital Transformation

Enterprise architects are at the front lines of digital transformation, yet face challenges around processes, people and technology as resources grow in complexity and number. Join Boomi’s top enterprise architect for a deep dive into making the best use of Boomi to unleash value across your enterprise architecture. Hear key architectural considerations for your future roadmap, and engage in an interactive audience Q&A.
You’ll also hear from a representative of a leading hotel chain outlining how Boomi has helped them align and synchronize resources such as operational data stores and data warehouses, and solutions for master data management and data quality, to improve the customer experience. You’ll learn about:

  • The critical role of architects in digital transformation
  • Do’s and don’ts for optimizing enterprise architecture
  • The importance of reference architectures, governance and security

Turbo-charge Your Integrations using Boomi Flow

Business users and IT developers looking to deliver enterprise-grade apps with extraordinary speed are leveraging the convergence of low-code development and integration platforms. To meet the challenges of app delivery in the digital economy, modern digital businesses are relying on Boomi Integration and Boomi Flow. Attend this session, if you are a Boomi integration developer and are looking to:

  • Build applications – faster
  • Extend the functionality of your existing applications
  • Connect and unify disparate applications in your IT landscape

Join Boomi experts and customers to understand how you can use Boomi Flow to automate and simplify operations across your internal or external stakeholders. We’ll show you how to rapidly build applications and chatbots that are mobile-enabled by default and that can connect to any application, data or service (on-prem or in the cloud) leveraging your existing Boomi integration. This session is sure to spark ideas for automating, consolidating and innovating across your business, resulting in improved efficiencies and OpEx reductions. You will be amazed how simple it is to create these applications.



Accelerating Your Success with IoT

Businesses working through their Internet of Things (IoT) strategy often initially focus on the infrastructure and operational challenges of obtaining devices data, analyzing, and detecting situations. The challenge then becomes how to capitalize on the data and the situations being detected. Business outcomes result from the need to orchestrate the integration of device data, applications, and people. In addition, businesses need their IoT strategies to be able to adapt quickly to changing technologies and business requirements.

In this session, you will:

  • Learn how Boomi is being used today by customers and partners to achieve business outcomes for IoT
  • Hear first-hand how Boomi plays a key role in helping businesses achieve a competitive advantage

Boomi and the Connected Campus: Insights from Higher Education Customers

Some of the most innovative users of Boomi are institutions of higher education. For example, Cornell University has developed a licensing model that enables a Private Atom Cloud architecture to support a campus administrative unit of citizen integrators, as well as a new academic community of student integrators.

Join this session to hear how Cornell and the University of Oklahoma have used Boomi to improve IT agility, speed time to results and achieve better student outcomes. You’ll learn about:

  • Typical IT challenges facing higher ed, particularly in integrating disparate legacy systems that may be outside of central IT
  • How Cornell uses Boomi as a “Swiss Army knife platform” to achieve its campus-wide initiatives
  • How the University of Oklahoma integrated Banner, Cherwell, and OU’s custom Operational Data Store (ODS) with Salesforce instances to automatically populate student, advising, email, and incident data.

Boomi’s Enterprise-Grade Platform: Security, Compliance and Data Management

The Dell Boomi AtomSphere Platform was designed and implemented from the ground up to be an elastic, multi-tenant and secured hosted platform. Learn from Boomi’s CISO and Boomi’s Product Managers on how Security and Compliance with Data Management is achieved. Topics covered will be GDPR, PCI, HIPAA, FedRAMP and how Boomi is meeting other compliance needs in both the data center and the cloud.

Additional topics addressed will be System and Organizational Controls for the platform including AWS and new product enhancements related to data security and governance.

Boomi Product Roadmap: Enterprise Scale and Developer Productivity

Stay ahead of the curve on Boomi’s product roadmap! Join the Boomi product management team to learn about new exciting capabilities on our core platform and what Boomi is doing to help developers be more productive and manage enterprise-level scale. We will deep dive into the broader use cases of the platform and showcase our vision for connectors and using artificial intelligence to deliver best-in-class user experiences. You must attend this session if you want to get more insights into the following:

  • Understand the vision and thematic focus of Boomi’s product organization.
  • How to best align your organization’s technology roadmap with that of Boomi?

Boomi Product Roadmap: What’s New and What’s Coming

Stay ahead of the curve on Boomi’s product roadmap! Join the Boomi product management team to learn about new exciting capabilities available this year, designed to deliver best-in-class user experiences and accelerate your organization’s growth. You’ll also get a sneak peek into our vision for the integration landscape and what to expect in the future for API Management, Flow, Master Data Hub, B2B Management.

The product team will also highlight ways that they determine what product features customers need, what messaging resonates with customers, and tools for building customer empathy. Questions we will answer:

  • New focus areas for Boomi’s product organization
  • How Boomi delivers best-in-class user experiences
  • How and why we make product roadmap decisions

Build and Manage Your Partner Integrations with B2B/EDI Management

Effectively managing your partner ecosystem has a direct impact on your company’s bottom line and overall success. Come learn best practices for architecting your B2B integration processes, onboarding partners at scale, and testing and deploying B2B/EDI processes.

Umbra, a global housewares product design company selling across digital, B2B and B2C channels, will detail how their IT group used Boomi to stay ahead of business demands, while facilitating potential new service delivery opportunities and chargeback models, and saving $500,000 in just nine months.

Building, Enhancing and Supercharging Your Integrations to NetSuite

Building your first NetSuite integration? Starting small and planning to go bigger? Want to take advantage of advanced features in Netsuite? With over 1,200 NetSuite customers, Boomi is the unquestioned leader in integrating NetSuite. This session will give you a first-hand look at best practices and how-to tips to quickly and easily connect NetSuite with any cloud or on-premise application in your environment.

Join Boomi’s NetSuite global alliance team and our in-house NetSuite experts for guidance to accelerate and expand your NetSuite integrations, whether you’re in ecommerce/retail, higher education, manufacturing or other industries, or need to solve challenges such as EDI, order-to-cash, HR automation, a 360-degree customer view or Salesforce integration.

Cloud Application Connectivity: Build a Connector to a REST API in 30 Minutes or Less

Application connectivity is a key driver to accelerating time to value and building a Connected Business. But with business units often wanting to adopt new or niche applications, can you quickly and effectively enable connectivity to support business goals?

Learn how you can simplify connectivity by building an application-specific connector that leverages an application’s REST API. The best part is you can do this in 30 minutes or less, and we’ll show you how! Join us as we demonstrate how Boomi has applied a UI-based approach to building connectors, just as we did with a UI-based approach to integration for dramatically faster, easier integrations.

Empower Your Business Users with Self-Service Integration

Business units are demanding self-service integration capabilities, so they can quickly and easily connect the applications they use every day. Learn how you can use advanced tools in Boomi to equip business users with a self-service portal for building their own integrations.

You’ll also hear practical guidance on how to monitor and support self-service integrations across your organization and in Boomi partner applications that embed Boomi for integrations. This session will cover:

  • Best practices for quickly developing and sharing new integrations
  • How to leverage Boomi’s new self-service functionality
  • Using process templates, integration packs, APIs and workflows to support business units more effectively than ever before

Going Beyond Integration with APIs, Master Data Hub and Workflow Automation

Think of Boomi, and your first thought is probably “integration” — but there’s much more to our unified platform. Join us for an inside look at how Boomi capabilities for master data hub, API design and management, B2B/EDI management, workflow automation and app development provides an extra edge to build the Connected Business. Get insights into using Boomi to enable API-based interactions with external applications, improve the value of business data, increase business process efficiency, or even build new applications.

  • How Boomi can fit into your overall IT strategy
  • Empowering your team to take full advantage of Boomi’s platform
  • Expanding beyond initial integrations to utilize Boomi’s full scope

iPaaS First: How Boomi Accelerates Digital Transformation and Changes Your Workforce

Join one of bio-tech’s hottest start-ups, Moderna Therapeutics, to learn more about their decision leverage the Boomi platform to get started on the path to automation, acceleration and modernization.They will share the story about their implementation and program so far. In this session you will learn about:

  • Moderna’s strategy for maturing the Boomi platform ahead their other key digital systems
  • Impact of the strategy and in their ability to hire a different workforce as they grow
  • Lessons learned from a business and IT perspective

Integration, Data, APIs and Workflow: Extending the Value of Your Salesforce Investment

For many organizations, Salesforce is core to their operations across business groups. Learn how you can leverage Boomi to optimize your usage of Salesforce and its related ecosystem of applications across multiple use cases. This session will cover how:

  • How to leverage Boomi + Salesforce Platform Events to create event driven, bi-directional integrations – without writing a line of code!
  • How to use Boomi Master Data Hub to ensure that customer data is consistent between Salesforce and other applications
  • How to use Boomi Flow to bring new process automation and orchestration capabilities to Salesforce

Mastering Smart Data Management, Stewardship and Governance

Data custodians and stewards often take a reactive approach to cleaning up master data, and this after-the-fact approach can slow down business. Today, data management programs require proactive decision-making to keep up with the speed of the business. Join this session for insights into defensive and offensive strategies for mastering data efficiently, and how you can use Boomi Flow to engage with the business for critical stewardship tasks.

You’ll hear PCL Constructors share their story of adopting Boomi Master Data Hub as the core of a master data management program. Learn how PCL established data governance rules and processes, enforced by Master Data Hub. Bonus: Some lessons that PCL learned along the way!

Attend this session to understand:

  • Defensive and offensive strategies for mastering data efficiently
  • Importance of simplified engagement with the business for critical stewardship tasks using Boomi Flow
  • Boomi’s vision for Data Stewardship

Optimizing Boomi Deployment on AWS

As companies continue to adopt Amazon Web Services, Boomi delivers scalable integration to move, manage, govern and orchestrate data across applications, in the cloud or on-premise. Join this session to learn about Boomi’s wide range of tools and connectors to help you simplify and optimize Boomi deployment and usage on AWS. We’ll cover the most common AWS integration patterns and provide an overview of Boomi connectors to AWS services such as S3, SNS, RDS and Redshift.

You’ll also hear the investment management firm Vanguard explain how it used automated deployment tools to install infrastructure and Atoms on Amazon Web Services. Don’t miss this opportunity to explore how to accelerate your AWS cloud transformation journey!

Performance Matters: Scaling Integration Processes to Match Business Needs

Boomi offers a variety of options to optimize the performance of your integration processes. But when do you use a Molecule instead of an Atom? How do you leverage Atom Workers? Which options should you consider for an on-premise deployment? If you need answers to those and similar questions, join us for insights into optimizing integration performance to meet runtime requirements.

You’ll learn about our customer’s development, deployment and operations practices that are optimized for performance testing and tuning. Discover how this customer uses Boomi to automate operations at scale, easily handling thousands of processes and transactions.

Selecting the Right Boomi Architecture and Integration Patterns for Your Business Needs

As you build an enterprise integration strategy, implementing the right architecture to meet your application landscape and digital transformation requirements is key to a successful implementation. This session will help you identify the correct Boomi architectures for the most common integration patterns (real-time, batch and event-driven) and the most common architecture designs (hybrid, cloud and on-premise).

Plus, you’ll hear from SAS Institute representatives on how the analytics software vendor created integration standards and principles to effectively manage their global technology footprint including more than 900 cloud and on-premise applications, accelerating their global digital transformation journey.

Supporting Large Data Sets with Boomi

With the explosion of data, and the need to analyze large volumes data to drive business outcomes, moving large data volumes effectively is a common organizational requirement. Join us for a review of architecture and design considerations as well as performance optimization techniques to move large data sets using Boomi.

Hear how Nest uses Big Data Connectors to support ETL uses cases, including leveraging the Google Big Query Connector.

The Habits of the Successful Boomi Developer

At Boomi, we believe in empowering users so they can achieve their boldest business goals. Boomi’s visual, drag-and-drop UI and unified platform make it easy to build, deploy and manage integration processes. The question is: Are you effectively using the full power of the Boomi platform to drive productivity across your development team?
Drawing from the knowledge and experience of Boomi experts and the Boomi user community, this session provides practical development strategies, configuration tips, and a quick tour of sometimes overlooked features to help you hone your skills using the Boomi platform.

You’ll hear about front-line successes from a Boomi customer sharing their experience deriving critical platform metrics using the AtomSphere API and enabling analytical reporting to maximize their IT team’s productivity. We’ll also answer questions such as:

  • When to use code and when to build custom connectors?
  • How to establish development best practices across your team across the software development cycle?

The Unified Platform: Your Key to Connected Business Transformation

The unified Boomi platform empowers our customers to become Connected Businesses. We have seen customers leverage the unified platform to produce amazing end-to-end solutions that solve real business problems. How can your organization best take advantage of the unified platform and its capabilities for integration, APIs, workflow automation, master data, EDI and more?

In this session, we tackle a use case that’s a challenge for companies of any size, in any industry — employee onboarding. Will Eccles and Mike Frazier will provide a technical overview of the new Boomi Onboarding solution and how the unified platform elements come together to deliver value. This session will help you:

  • Understand the common barriers to a connected onboarding program
  • Leverage pre-built solution accelerator templates to get started with any business process transformation effort

Using APIs to Build a Connected Business in a Hybrid and Multi-Cloud World

Today, application developers need to connect an ever-expanding number of data sources and data consumers, spread across various delivery models. It’s time to rethink the practicality of the legacy enterprise service bus (ESB) and the heavy architecture implications that come with it.

Join this session to learn more about how APIs are leading digital transformation across industries and how Boomi can help you thrive in the API economy. We will discuss how Mediate – Boomi’s API Management offering – fits with the larger Boomi platform, what are the different type of APIs and how can they be used to drive business value.

Topics we’ll cover:

  • Mediate, Boomi’s API Management offering
  • Why is a distributed integration architecture the new standard?
  • How does Mediate fit in your overall IT strategy?
  • How can your organization use APIs to unlock business value?


Capacity Planning: Getting the Most from Your Boomi Environments

Enterprises today are under increasing pressure to innovate, to optimize operations, and to support agile business practices across the enterprise. All these requirements depend on data, data integration, and data governance. By adopting a practice of Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CICD), IT organizations can ensure that DevOps initiatives are never hindered by data silos, data connectivity problems, or poor data quality. Your enterprise Boomi platform helps you overcome all these challenges.

In this session, you’ll learn about Boomi CICD best practices, ways to provide automated testing, and frameworks around CICD pipelines. We’ll discuss topics such as:

  • How to excel at performance monitoring and management
  • Capacity planning through workload evaluations, resource usage, capacity modeling techniques, etc.
  • The role of DevOps in a cloud-focused IT strategy
  • How to use Boomi to build DevOps with CICD workflows
  • How Boomi platform APIs can be used to automate tasks
  • How the Boomi platform APIs ensure data quality across all your applications and services

Coding in Boomi to Address Complex Integration Requirements

Are you faced with complex integration scenarios such as integrating with legacy systems that use non-standard formatting? Or systems that need specialized JARs? This is the session for you!

Attend this session to learn how you can leverage the tools available in the Boomi platform to best address your complex use cases while accelerating time to value. This session will cover:

  • How to supplement your low-code integrations with custom scripting
  • Best practices for using JAR management and distribution
  • Overview of custom library management and distribution
  • Using the new XSLT scripting component

Future Trends of the Connected Business

Is it ever too early to think about the future? The pace of innovation and disruption is accelerating. It won’t be too long before users in some part of your business raise their hands to adopt an emerging technological innovation — if they haven’t already.

Join our Field CTO, Thameem Khan, to preview key technology paradigms such as implementing Robotic Process Automations, AI BOTs, and Blockchain that are now being adopted by leading-edge digital innovators. You’ll also see a demo of Bhoomi’s blockchain connectivity capabilities and how they can prepare you to securely automate business transactions across a distributed, multi-party electronic ledger. Additionally, we’ll introduce you to Betty, who makes automating repetitive tasks a breeze.