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June 6th, 2018

A Faster, Simpler Way to Integrate with Oracle Fusion Cloud

Posted by Vinit Verma on June 6th, 2018
Hand holding miniture world globe with network image overlaid. Modern city skyline in background.

As Oracle customers migrate from legacy on-premise systems to Oracle Fusion Cloud, integration can pose an obstacle.

We at Jade Global, a Dell Boomi partner and global IT consulting firm, have experienced this first hand. We’ve encountered significant challenges in integrating Oracle Fusion Cloud with Salesforce, Workday and other cloud applications for clients.

An experience with one client in the enterprise network services space prompted our team of Oracle integration experts to engineer a better approach, with the Boomi integration platform at the core.

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July 28th, 2017

The Winding Road of a Dell Boomi Integration Specialist: Q&A with Community Champion, Sjaak Overgaauw

Posted by Erik Mitchell on July 28th, 2017
Super Hero Made of People

For this edition of the Community Champions series, we talked to Sjaak Overgaauw. Sjaak has taken somewhat of a road less traveled to reach his current position as founder and CTO of Cloud Connectors — a Netherlands company specializing in integration using the Dell Boomi platform. And his ambient music genre recording label Premonition Factory simply adds to Sjaak’s interesting background.

Boomi: How did you get started in IT?

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April 19th, 2017

Transforming the Energy and Utilities Industries with Native-Cloud Integration: A Q&A with Tata Consultancy Services

Posted by Erik Mitchell on April 19th, 2017
Electrical towers at dawn above a city

Energy and utility companies are striving for cloud-first modernization and dramatic business transformation as large-scale changes disrupt these industries.

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), one of the technology industry’s leading global systems integrators and a Dell Boomi partner, is playing a pivotal role in helping some of the world’s most established and progressive energy and utility companies meet their critical technology challenges.

According to TCS, energy and utility companies need to be able to rapidly connect their applications and data and easily manage those integrations.

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November 10th, 2015

Video: LinkedIn Automates Lead to Cash with Integration by Dell Boomi

Posted by Karen Diamond on November 10th, 2015

What if you could reduce the complexity of the data sharing between applications within your organization? Or eliminate missed upsell opportunities? Even process more orders, faster?

LinkedIn did just that, and more—using Dell Boomi AtomSphere integration platform as a service (iPaaS) to automate their lead-to-cash process by integrating and Oracle eBusiness. During Gartner’s Catalyst Conference in San Diego, LinkedIn’s Evan Chao, Chief of Staff, Global Sales Systems and Prafulla Patil, Manager Solution Architecture, relayed their experience using AtomSphere.

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August 4th, 2015

Kelly-Moore Paints Increases Efficiency with Integration via Dell Boomi AtomSphere

Posted by Karen Diamond on August 4th, 2015

As one of the most recognized names and largest privately held companies in the paint industry, Kelly-Moore Paints needed to give their sales organization one view of all customer records by integrating Salesforce with their ERP and POS systems— and they needed to do it quickly.

According to Grant Gouldon, Senior Applications Manager for Kelly-Moore Paints, “We want to focus our energy and resources on the quality of our paint and the quality of the interactions with our customers—not necessarily on IT infrastructure.”

Kelly-Moore deployed Dell Boomi AtomSphere integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) as their integration solution.

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October 28th, 2014

LinkedIn: Bringing processes under control

Posted by Erik Mitchell on October 28th, 2014

How does an organization with more than 300 million members implement a cloud-first strategy? And how does it use this strategy to increase agility and accelerate growth?

For LinkedIn, the answer was to use Dell Boomi AtomSphere to automate its lead-to-cash process. Below is an overview of how the company did it. For more details, and for an opportunity to ask LinkedIn’s Andres Bang, head of Global Sales and Operations Systems, and Alex Lai, head of Sales Systems Solution Delivery, about the key insights they gained from business process automation, attend the “LinkedIn: Accelerated Growth via Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS)” session at Dell World 2014.

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July 12th, 2013

Webinar: LinkedIn’s Cloud-First Hyper Growth Strategy

Posted by Gwen Palmer on July 12th, 2013

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When: Thursday, August 8, 2013

Time: 1 PM ET / 10 AM PT

Suppose you’re the head of sales operations systems
for a professional network with 225M+ members worldwide who turn to your
platform to build and maintain their professional identities and networks, and
gain the professional insights they need to be more productive and successful. LinkedIn is that network and it has revolutionized
how customers Hire, Market and Sell.

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