May 7th, 2013

recently reached out to Vadim Kovalyov, Integrations Lead at Anybill, for a
short Q&A on his experience with Integration Packs, a new capability
announced this week for Dell Boomi AtomSphere Summer ’13.Anybill_logo

Dell Boomi: What do you see as the benefits of Integration Packs
over the previous technique?

Vadim:  I
think the major benefit is the ability to reuse the same pieces of
functionality (processes) across multiple accounts or customers. So we create the integration, then have one
point of change and management at the master account level.

Vadim:  Another
benefit is the fast deployment across multiple customers. This is very handy.

Dell Boomi: How quickly can you deploy Integration Packs to new

Vadim:  The deployment is just few clicks. As soon as
we made some changes, we can easily and quickly deploy it for EVERY customer
that we set up using the Integration Pack.

Dell Boomi:  Can you provide
more details on the data map extensions in your Integration Packs?

Vadim:  We integrate with QuickBooks Online. All of our
clients categorize invoices in a different way—accounts or classes or customers—as
some clients can categorize invoices by classes and some cannot. On the other
end, in our system we have a set of categories as key-value pairs associated
with every invoice. We use data map extensions to customize mapping of the
key-value pairs to appropriate categories in QuickBooks. It allowed us to use
one process (one Integration Pack) for all our QuickBooks Online clients with
just one customization point.

Dell Boomi:  Thanks for your
time and your perspective, Vadim. 

We invite you to visit, a leader
in automated Accounts Payable payment processing.
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