Driving Legacy Modernization: Integration Strategies for Salesforce

7 min read

Winning Troika for a Software-Driven Business Built with Salesforce: Data, Processes and Automation

6 min read

Boomi, Salesforce, and Einstein: Bringing Intelligence to Your Data

The evolution of AI, why it’s relevant today, and how Salesforce, Einstein, and Boomi are creating...

5 min read

The Accenture Intelligent Patient Service Exchange: Integrating Data for Precision Medicine

Legacy businesses can win against the latest generation of digital competition by building more connected,...

8 min read

Healthcare Payers: Navigating the Road to Digital Transformation

Today, the CIOs of healthcare payer organizations have a new mission: put member health front and center. ...

5 min read

3 Tips for Salesforce Integration

5 min read

Playing Catch-Up With the Warehouse of Tomorrow? Fast Track With Low-Code Integration

Many warehouses today are stuck with legacy systems. These are creating a drag on operations, workflows and...

6 min read

The New Rules of Digital Transformation

4 min read

The Role of Integration in Digital Disruption

5 min read

Boomi EDI Integration Revolutionizing Partner Trading Ecosystems

The Boomi EDI integration platform helps organizations and their trading partners move at the speed of...

5 min read

Handshake Streamlining B2B Commerce with Boomi

5 min read
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